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UT Tutorial – Embroidered Leather Cuffs

Want an afternoon project that looks totally boss?  These embroidered leather cuffs can be made easily in a short afternoon, depending on your talents with a snap pliers and your machine’s applicable mood.

Machine embroidering on leather just takes a few quick tips, and creates a beautiful, almost embossed effect on leather that is just gorgeous. Add lace or just stitch directly on leather for a raw look that you can rock for any occasion.

Get the tutorial here!

Urban Entrepreneurs – Ganz und Garn

We’ve got another international edition of Urban Entrepreneurs today, with another crafty stitcher from Germany.

Urban Entrepreneurs is our series where we feature sellers of any kind who have decided to take the plunge (with the help of some UT designs) and start their own small biz. It looks like embroidery fever is catching abroad, and Martina from Ganz und Garn is showing us that the international community (and right now, Germany especially… the rest of Europe has some catching up to do, wouldn’t you say?) can really rock an embroidery machine.

Martina joins us today to talk about her love of embroidery, and her decision to jump from the production world and transform into the self employed business woman she is today.


You look like you’ve been sewing for awhile, but what started you into embroidery?

It was just the logical consequence. After sewing stuff, you have to embellish it in some way!

lunchbox mix

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

It was one of the first sites I found on the net after I bought my embroidery machine. I was looking for more cool and contemporary designs, most of the other ones are either old fashioned or for kids.

tablet cover

What made you take the plunge into starting your own business?

I am a creative person, and I found sewing and embroidery combined my love of materials, colours, pattern and structures. 

Originally I am an interior and production designer but it was getting more and more difficult to find interesting and challenging jobs in the corporate world and so I decided to jump in at the deep end and try my luck with my own business.

alice in wonderland 2

Tell us a bit about your shop, Ganz und Garn. What kind of stuff do you do?

My shop is always in flux and I am permanently searching for new ideas! My focus lies on making things for grown ups with the aim of creating everyday things off the beaten track.

Happy Camper

What kind of customer do you cater to?

As all my stuff is handmade, I care most about the customers who are not interested in mainstreams products and big brands and appreciate individual things made with love.

Egg cozys

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

Despite all the other lessons I learned and still learning, one of the most important thing is to realize that it needs time to be successful.

Even if my products not selling as much is I wish for, it is not necessarily that the idea is poor, it ‘s just more often the fact that my small bussiness is still unknown and I don’t have to get discouraged by that.


Where would you like to see your shop in one year? Any fun stuff planned for the future?

I am always searching for new projects, nothing bores me more than sewing the same thing for the hundredth time!

I do have a lot of things in my head and I hope to achive some of that this year. I still want my business to grow, but I don’t want to lose the fun in it.

calender 5

If you want to check out more of Ganz und Garn’s amazing items, you can visit her DaWanda store, (kind of like a German etsy store… and yes, it is in German, but Google translate to the rescue!) and take a peek.

I just love how bright and bold everything she makes is, from all the patterns and colors in her fabric to the simple covers and cute designs she picks. It feels both whimsically traditional and contemporary all at once. All the best to you Martina, I’m sure armed with talent like this, Germany doesn’t stand a chance against the cuteness!

Do you use Urban Threads designs to create one of a kind products? Want to see your story or your store featured here and join our gang of  Urban Entrepreneurs? Send us an e-mail at with a link to your store/website or attach sample photos, and you could be featured!

UT Tutorial – Valentine Memento Kit

Looking for a sweet and stitchy valentine idea for your honey? Well, nothing says romance like those notes you used to write your crush in 5th grade (Hi Mark!)

Bring back that old-school nostalgia with this cute machine and hand embroidered valentine kit. Stitch the little card kit for your love and let them stitch back their answer. It makes a darling little handmade memento when it’s done!

Get the tutorial right here.

psst… you know that cute “do you like me” design used in the tute? It’s on sale through this weekend!

Alice’s Sewing Basket Print

Once an awesome threadless tee, now an amazing screen print from Jillian Nickell. It might be a late Christmas present, but it would be a good one. This would look amazing framed in a sewing room!

Last Minute Stitchy Gift Ideas

Did the holidays creep up on you again this year? It’s like a sneaky ninja, that holiday. Well don’t distress, you and your trusty embroidery machine can make some quick and easy gifts in no time at all. Check out this roundup of some of our favorite quick gift ideas…

Want something cute and small to give? These mischievous little gingerbread guys are perfect for giving and easy to stitch up. Get the tutorial here… it even includes a recipe for real gingerbread cookies!

Are your Christmas gifts lacking in gears? Are they not quite steamtastic enough? Then you need to stitch and bling out this easy little steampunk snowflake lace ornament. The tutorial shows you how to stitch it and and make it extra pretty.

If you’re looking for something quick for a little one, this furry monster tag blanket is soft and cute and can be easily whipped up in under and hour!

Who doesn’t love warm fuzzy socks for the holidays? It’s just that regular socks are pretty much impossible to hoop. Well, not so if you make them yourself! This guest tutorial from Karen will show you how, including a downloadable pdf pattern for the socks.

Have a gift card but don’t have any creative way to give it? Grab this little in-the-hoop stocking holder and learn to whip it up in a jiffy.

For someone crafty in your life, why not make them a little needle book crafting kit? It can be made in a jiffy and you can customize it with all the little bits and bobs your crafter needs, including a pin cushion, needle holder, and a place to store their scissors. Not to mention you get to pick out an awesome custom design for the cover.

Don’t knit,or don’t have time before Christmas? Learn to upcycle an old sweater into a cozy pair of embroidered mittens.

Want some awesome ideas that don’t even require a tutorial? Here are some of our favorites from our crafty customers!

Damask Towel/Pot Holder

Stitch up a set of embroidered towels and a cute potholder like Fabulously Fierce did.


Mary grabbed a jacket and added a favorite design to the back.

True Love!

Whip up a quick handmade or store bought apron with a snarky design like Wyld Hare.

Eric's Tavern

Or take a cue from Liberty Original and just add it to a cozy long sleeve tee.

Crafty Gift Guide 2011

December is here, and unless you’re one of those brave Black Friday shoppers, you’re probably just now getting into a slow, building panic about holiday shopping. Eek!

Well, if you’re looking to build a list, or shopping for that perfect gift for your crafty bud, we’ve got a list here to suit all budgets and tastes, from luxury gifts to cute little stocking stuffers. Speaking of luxury, anyone want to buy me those boots?

So, if you’re short on ideas and time, here’s a few of my favorite crafty gifts for 2011:

1. Embroidered Penguin Classics$11.20  2. Victorian Sewing Scissors Print$10 3. Made To Measure Bracelet – $52.99 4. Cross Stitch iPhone Case$18 5. Embroidered Velvet Purse$44.50

I’m so loving the Penguin Classics embroidered book series, it’s perfect for anyone who’s crafty or a book nerd. I happen to be both.

I also find Vintage prints, especially ones featuring gorgeous antique scissors, are always in style. Antique is the new modern, have you noticed?

The bracelet from Mod Cloth is just to die for, but I’ve seen plenty of folks make their own DIY version for quite a bit cheaper, and that Cross Stitch iPhone case has been all the rage on the blogosphere of late.

Looking for something a little classier? I’m smitten with that free motion embroidered purse of soft velvet. 

6. Floral Dress Form$300 7. Ceramic Yarn Bowl $55 8. Flossy the Dachshund$12 9. Gringo Sora Embroidered Boot$550

For the sewer who has everything already, why not a gorgeous floral dress form? Even for someone who doesn’t sew, it would make a dramatic statement in any room (and it should, for that price).

The ceramic yarn bowl is so heart-breakingly beautiful I may try and take up knitting again. I’m sure that will go just about as well as last time.

A little closer to my current hobbies, little flossy there is just about the cutest craft holder I’ve ever seen, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Those cowboy boots may not fit into a stocking (or many budgets) but you can be sure they would cause instant and glorious infatuation. I’m still trying to figure out how to hoop a boot because of those beauties.

10. Yarn Lover Digital Print$13 11. Vintage Spool Velvet Ribbon$12 12. Handmade Thread Earrings$22 13. Locher’s Dirty Sayings Embroidered Blouse -$69 14. DIY Tea Towel Calendar Kit$32

The Yarn Lover print comes in different colors, and I’m only wishing there was an embroidery one. I love the graphic tattoos!

If you’re looking for more stocking stuffer ideas, Anthropology has a whole bunch of gorgeous antique spool ribbons, which I would buy for the spools alone.

I am just loving the delicate ombre on those thread earrings… too bad my only piercing is a nose stud. I’m guessing it wouldn’t look as classy. Unique maybe. Not classy.

Speaking of classy, if you want to be a little (0r a lot) bold this season, these embroidered shirts from Locher’s are sweetly embroidered with all kinds of offensive sayings. This “You Suck” shirt is the only one really safe to post, but their irreverent humor is just too awesome not to share. Click at your own risk.

Want to embroider something that really is sweet? This DIY calender kit is just the thing for budding embroiderers. It has everything you need and makes a really gorgeous finished result. It’s never a bad time to take up embroidery!

I’ve got those whole list up as a Pinterest board, so feel free to follow me as I add more throughout the month! Happy shopping stitchers, and good luck!

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