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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you!

Before you roll your eyes, I’ll just have you know I’m not the only Star Wars nerd out there in the embroidery universe. Wild Olive has decided to celebrate today with a tutorial on how to make your own little Ewok softie with some simple steps and a little embroidery.

Embrace the nerd. Go check out the tutorial!

Tutorial – Stitching A Patch On Fabric

Love the new Science patch, but don’t feel like messing with the whole “in the hoop” patch thing?

Adding a patch to something doesn’t mean you have to stitch it out and then add it on after the fact. If you can hoop your object, why not treat your patch just like an applique design? Even better, if you need to lighten it up a bit (like for a tee), just make it a regular old design!

Check out this tutorial on the basics of stitching a patch design directly onto fabric. You’ll be rocking your new nerdy tee in no time.

For the Geeks

Raise your hand if you chuckled.

Well hi there, Firefly geeks.

Seriously awesome design hack by tada boutique, using our “Extinction Bites” dino mixed with our “Dino-mite” design. And yes, you can buy it in her etsy shop!

Happy Pi Day!

Yup, it’s 3/14 and it’s time for some yummy looking Pi!

So how does one celebrate in the best way geek-turned-embroidery fans do? With some math-tastic designs. Grab this pretty pi design above here, get some delicious pi here, or wear your nerd on your sleeve. Or as a pocket. Whateva’

Not enough nerd for you? Don’t worry, we have a whole section devoted to it.

Happy Pi Day!

Nyan Cat!

Nyan Cat Wrist Rest

Inspired by our keyboard cat wrist rest tutorial, Flickr user Robot Hero out-memed me with this amazing Nyan Cat wrist rest.


Hand stitch and hand embroidered. Do you see that tiny little beading detail on the cat?

I’m in love.

Get ’em Young

Do you have a little nerd or geek in training? Want to keep them quiet, entertained, quiet, enthralled with the joys of embroidery, and most of all, quiet?

Then you need Julie Bell’s beautifully embroidered and wonderfully nerdy Quiet Book!

It’s a super cute activity book that you can give to keep your little one entertained with (hopefully) minimum noise and fuss. You can see the full collection of book pictures over on her blog.

Best of all? Both the Star Trek Quiet Book and this nifty Jedi Quiet Book are available as a pdf pattern in her etsy store! Grab your copy now to shut your kid up the creative way.