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Bits & Bytes of Embroidery

I have to say I don’t know much about the Bits & Bytes project from this Behance Gallery, but I DO know I really really love that embroidered circuitry. The fabrics and other pieces from the collection are really just stunning. Hand stitches, machine stitches, digital printing, it’s all just amazing. I wish there was more info!

If you’re like me and want to stare at it even without knowing what it’s all about, check out the project from Lene Schendler on Behance.

UT Tutorial – Embroidered Paper Book Cover

Hand embroiderers, this one is for you! Learn how to dress up the tried and true paper bag book cover with some paint and some awesome embroidery. It’s a great project to try if you’ve never ventured into embroidery before, and it’s fantastic for all those back-to-school books. We promise, stitching on paper is easy and fun.

Get the tutorial here.

Paint An Embroidery Pattern

Don’t have a needle handy? Never fear. Dream {a Little} Bigger has a great tutorial up about how to transfer and paint your favorite embroidery pattern onto a tee or canvas of your choice. Now you too can rock out in nerdy style, no machine or thread required.

Get the tutorial here.

UT Tutorial – 3D Robot

Thought lace was the only 3D thing you machine could make? Think again! Meet the Digomatic 2000. This adorable little robot figurine can be made easily with some tear away stabilizer, fabric, and hot glue, and he’ll rock out on his little headphones and generally look awesome anywhere you put him.

Grab your robot here, then find out how to assemble him!

Psst…There’s a little inside joke here. Do you remember the Digomatic 2000? Here’s a little refresher.

Flickr Roundup

As usual, we’re overdue for that awesome time where we see what amazingness has been filling up the flickr pool lately. Let’s have a look at what’s shown up since our last roundup…

The Girls up close

1.2.Stitcharoo has hand stitched this beautiful and slightly twisted little alphabet piece called “C is for Conjoined” using the Two Headed Girl design. I just adore the detail of the stitching.

"Loveletters from Paris" Pillow Set

Bathina took our Parisian postcard pillow tutorial to heart and created this amazing and gorgeous version of her own, complete with matching Parisian Bee pillow.

Keyboard Geekery lined - urban threads

Howard Avenue stitched up an awesomely geeky camera strap complete with ctrl alt delete design and matching liner. If you’re going to rock the camera strap in style, geeky embroidery is the way to do it.


I want to know everything about this Alice in Wonderland tea time jacket from strikkeknitsincluding how can I make one of my own? I bet you’re wondering the same thing.

I’ll see if I can find out.

Mix 007

Adorable is the name of the game for this cute little gift pack from Giliell.

She created this little package from a friend who’s expecting, complete with all kinds of little monsters, including a little sea monster who just wants to be friends, a monster in training, and of course, a little monster plush. Lucky friend!

A little zipped pouch

Missing your daily dose of vegetables? donmark26 made this to make sure at least you can carry around adorable veggies, even if you’re not nomming on them.


My World’s a Stage lost the color but kept the elegance of the new Parisian series, making this absolutely gorgeous monochromatic tee. This looks so chic!

I’m seriously eyeballing some of my grey tees and thinking they need to look a bit more French…


Valentonia is whipping up something extra cute for the kitchen, with these adorable designs from the Kitchen Engravings series. Yum!


Finally, there’s a wonderfully touching story to this beautiful Strength pillow from Erica, who made it for her mum on Monther’s Day. Erica says…

“We recently found out that my dad (a leo) has a terminal illness. This embroidery design was perfect for a pillow that would be easy for her to move/carry around to be with her when she needed it.”

Truly inspiring, and an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing Erica.

Thanks to all the crafty folk to share their stitches with us in our Urban Threads flickr pool! It’s such a treat to see all the amazing an inventive ways people are using the designs. Want to see more? Check out all our flickr roundup posts for even more inspiration.

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to, and you could see your stuff on StitchPunk.

New DON’T PANIC Douglas Adams Freebie

Do YOU know where your towel is?

Don’t Panic! We have you Hitchhiker’s Guide nerds covered. In honor of international Towel Day on May 25th , a day celebrating the life and works of author Douglas Adams, we decided it was too perfect a combination not to do an embossed DON’T PANIC freebie for your new favorite towel.

Yup, you can get your nerd on and embroider things too. Plus you’ll always know where your towel is. Grab this new design free now through May 28th by clicking here.

Psst… want to know how to embroider embossed towel designs? Get the tutorial right here!

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you!

Before you roll your eyes, I’ll just have you know I’m not the only Star Wars nerd out there in the embroidery universe. Wild Olive has decided to celebrate today with a tutorial on how to make your own little Ewok softie with some simple steps and a little embroidery.

Embrace the nerd. Go check out the tutorial!