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Urban Entrepreneurs – Dice Bags By Jibbi

Urban Entrepreneurs highlights stitchers who are combining their awesome talents and Urban Threads designs to make one-of-a-kind items and be their own boss. They also offer their own bit of wisdom about the realities of running your own biz!


Dice Bags By Jibbi on Etsy

What’s your best tip for getting better results out of your store?

I struggle with taking attractive photographs of my bags – it takes me a while to get them right. Once I do, the best results I get are when I post vibrant, attractive photos to social media with links. It took me a long time to set up a dedicated twitter account (@dicebagsbyjibbi) but my daily hits have doubled since I did. I also get a big influx of them when I make a big post to Tumblr with many photos. That sounds like 2 tips, but I think it’s a combination of the two – pretty pictures and telling all the great friends out there in internetland!

Quick Pic – Video Games

Inspiring ideas from customers!

The best and brightest chosen from images off facebook, flickr, instagram and more.

Embroidered Video Game Pillows from Quick Pics - The best and brightest ideas by Urban Threads customers from facebook, flickr, instagram and more.

Geneva Nicole on twitter shared these adorable custom creations, designed by her boys themselves!  They both wanted video game themes, and each created their own custom look. Crafting for kids is way more fun when you can get the kids involved, and you’re sure to make them something they’ll love.

Quick Pic – Nerd Is So Passé

Inspiring ideas from customers!

The best and brightest chosen from images off facebook, flickr and instagram.


UT Stitcher Jessica makes awesome custom bags, and made this one for a customer looking for the perfect bag for one of her college daughters. After putting their brains together a bit, they came up with this brilliant creation.

The term nerd is so passé. We prefer Intellectual Badass these days. And it’s just the sort of thing for an Intellectual Badass roaming around campus.

Handmade Highlights – Robots Love Metal


Sophie really rocked this embroidery design. There are metallic things happening here that are truly outrageous! The metallic threads and accents make this tiny robot come to life.

Rock out with your own Robots Love Metal design and create even more embroidery awesomeness!

Handmade Hightlights – Nerd Pocket


RyBreadsRockin stitched this cute pouch with the ultimate pocket protector design. She used a touch of crayon tinting to make the glasses, pen, and pencil really pop!

Check out our tutorial on crayon tinting, to make your own picture perfect Nerd Pocket design.

Amazing Game Of Thrones Embroidery


Whether you’re a Game of Thrones nerd or not, you’ll want to head on over to this Buzzfeed post that showcases the amazing embroidery and fashion work of costumer Michele Carragher. The embroidered work on these pieces is mind boggling! I wonder what happens to these amazing pieces when they’re done filming?

Check out more here.

Will The Real Sinbonnet Sue Please Stand Up?


I’ve been saving this because it was too perfect not to post during our Halloween in July celebration/sale. Awesome Urban Threadster Chelsey dressed up perfectly as our very own Steampunk Sinbonnet Sue for the local awesome nerd convention Convergence this year (previously attended here). Seriously, the costume is dead on. How great is that?

Did we mention we have the best customers ever?

We do.

Thanks for sharing Chelsey! We ♥ you.