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Embroidery Floss Factory Tour

The DMC blog has posted this awesome little factory tour of the DMC Embroidery Floss factory in France. I forget sometimes, especially working with something that seems as simple and quaint as embroidery floss, that there’s a whole fascinating and complicated process behind the whole thing.

The page itself is in Spanish, but a handy little pass at Google Translate clears it up pretty well, and really it’s worth a look just to ogle the photos a bit.

Perhaps you’ll view your floss a little differently next time you pick up your embroidery project.

I for one can’t help but wonder what it would be like to dive into those giant poofy piles of floss… and yes, I do realize that makes me weird.  That’s probably why I should never go on that tour.

Check out their post for a behind the scenes on the process and even more amazing photos.

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