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Flickr Roundup – Steampunk Edition

It’s high time for another fantastical flickr roundup, and I thought in honor of this week *wink wink* we’d have it steampunk themed! Yessir, Urban Threadsters do love their steampunk. Have a look and just what gear-filled goodies they’ve stitched up…

With a name like Gear...

Everyone’s favorite professional convention vampire (off duty at the moment, unless vampires are going for the seampunk look too) Marty Gear! And let’s face it, with a name like Gear, was he born to dress any other way?

Mrs Beckinsale's Steampunk Bag

Beautiful stitching by Mrs. Beckinsale on this amazing hand embroidered steampunk purse. Truly lovely work.

First Kindle Case

This kindle case came along before ours and inspired the tutorial! I just adore the colors and the fabrics that binary goddess chose.

SteamPunk Octopus handkerchief Finished
You might have already seen this Octopus floating around on our webpage, since he’s such a fabulous example of stunning non-stitchy work! Yup, you can do steampunk without metal, or cogs or even embroidery. All you need is silk and a little talent, like vylettefairwell clearly has!

Navigator Jacket
Got an old jacket lying around? No you don’t. You have a brand new steampunk navigators jacket, you just don’t know it yet! Carla knew it, she just needed some embroidery to prove it.

Steampunk is for all occasions! That’s right, even Paddy’s day isn’t safe from a little geartastic stitching when timewrinkler is around.

Oh Wickedstepmother1969, at it again with these fabulous steampunk gaiters. Who wants a pair of those, with their fabulous lace trim and real metal accents? *raises hand* I do! I do!

I’m in love with the colors and the design of this oh-so victorian top from Jacqueline. The gears are just a perfect touch.

Finally, how could we not cover some of the many many versions of our lace top hat that have been done to perfection? This is one of my favorite steampunk examples from Storied Threads. The variegated thread and the tiny clock hands are just what it needed.

Of course, there are all kinds of non steampunk related goodies in the flickr pool, just click to have a look, or wait until next time to see who’s featured!

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to!

Urban Threads Coloring Contest

*EVEN MORE UPDATES* – New deadline plus fabulous celebrity judges! Read on for details!

The month of May is upon us, and that means one very important thing around here at Urban Threads…

It’sOurBirthdayIt’sOurBirthday…yea yea It’sOurBirthday!

Lucky for you a birthday for us means presents and contests for you! Our official birthday isn’t until May 28, but to kick off the month, we thought it would be just dandy to start with a contest and a freebie! Because free things that can win you more free things are great.  So here’s the deal, first you can start by downloading this shiny new freebie, Maiden Monarch. (It’s free through Tuesday, May 31, 2011, a date that will be important later…)

Now, since we’ve learned that most of you throw out the color sheets and do whatever the heck you want with colors (often with fantastic results), we thought we’d really let you show how you shine with your own spin on the color scheme! Download the design, take a peek at the color sheet to see what each stop does, then toss it out the window and show us how it’s done.

Once you’ve stitched up your fantastic new color scheme, take a photo and either

  1. upload it to the Urban Embroidery flickr group with the tag utcolorcontest, or
  2. email it in to us at

If you’re in a winning situation, we’ll contact you via whichever of the above methods you shared your entry. Entries are accepted through Tuesday May 31, 2011. Machine and hand embroidery will be judged in their own categories. You may submit up to three entries in each category if you like.

Once all the entries are in, our fabulous guest judge Erich from Black Duck Embroidery will pick the top 5 machine embroidered designs, and guest judge Jamie aka Mr X Stitch will be choosing the top 5 hand stitched pieces! Once our judges have decided we’ll  post them right here on this blog on Friday, June 3rd. All stitchers who get into the final round will automatically win a $10 gift certificate to Urban Threads, good for any machine or hand embroidery designs on the site. Once the finalists are posted, you’ll have through the weekend to vote on the blog for your favorite color scheme in each category and pick the winners of the grand prize!

So, what do the crafty coloring stitchers win?

The lucky machine embroiderer who gets the most votes wins the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate and the winning hand embroiderer also gets a $100 gift certificate, to grab all the designs you ever coveted on your wishlist.

What are you waiting for? Grab your free design and start stitching!

*UPDATE* – In order to make all things fair in love and war (and stitching), we’ve decided that we’re going to raise the hand embroidery prize to ALSO be $100! After all, hand stitching all those pretty colors does take some time.  Lucky for you, at a dollar a pop, that means you’ll pretty much have a lifetime supply of designs. Good luck to everyone!

Holy French Knotted Beardness Batman!


That… is an amazing amount of french knots.

So much that I really must label this a stupendously supreme supply of spiffy splendiferous stitchery that’s just super. And snazzy.

I’ll stop  now.

If you’d like to pay homage to the creator of this furred viking creation, look no further than the amazing stitchy fingers of staciejay123. That is impressive work madame. My fingers hurt just looking at it.

Steampunk eyecandy



That’s about all I can think to say. So I guess I’ll say it again…


Ok, that’s not true. There are a lot of things I could say about anyakase1’s amazing embroidered octopus she stitched for the back of her hubby’s coat. The beautifully and oh-so-neatly stitched gears. The sequins, the careful outlining, the so-damn-shiny-I-could-touch-it metal like sheen on those satin stitches.

Nah, I’ll just go back to wow.

Amazing job! And one lucky hubby.

Spring Is Here!

Egg cozys

Check out these super cute egg cozies from Ganz und Garn! Such cute little appliqués and bright fabrics.

Ahh… spring is here!

* …resolutely ignoring Minnesota’s snow forecast for Friday…*

Egg cozy

This is also quite a learning experience for me, as I had no idea eggs needed cozies. I suppose everything needs to feel cozy now and then.

bird's nest

Check out more coziness in the Urban Embroidery flickr pool, and happy spring!

Flickr Roundup

A shiny new blog deserves a shiny new roundup! We’re starting fresh here, so let’s take a peek at what pretties have shown up in the flickr pool lately…

I'm So Retro bag

This little retro disk was a popular little freebie awhile back, and people have made all kinds of adorkable things with it, including this awesome little bag from Kentfield.  We actually have a printout of this design taped to the side of one of our computers in back.

Yes, we’re that retro.


Finished boots

Some seriously awesome boots from fiftyfirstcrafts, from everyone’s favorite sweater boots tute. I am loving the colors and seriously loving the cross design she chose.


alice in wonderland quilt 2

Can you believe this quilt? Look closely – that’s dozens of our Wonderland designs stitched alll over it!

I drool.

Though not on the quilt though. That wouldn’t be nice.

This stunner was stitched up by horsehaircreek and I think we agree we’re all in love.


Zipped Pouch

*In soviet Russia, machine embroiders you!*


Adorable little zippered pouch from donmark26. Plus, how cute is that little nesting doll fabric?


Maneki Neko

We got to show a little love to our hand stitchin’ peeps, and I am so in love with this fuzzy little needle punch kitteh.

I seriously don’t think that guy could  get any cuter. I hope karalynnn has some seriously epic plans for kitty.


zombie hand angle

Finally, feeling an epic hunger for braaaiiinnzz yet? No? Well, that’s probably good for the rest of us anyway…

You know, I have to say, there’s something really beautiful about the marriage of zombies and polka dot fabric. I think zombies should try it more often. It would give ’em a little pizzaz.

This precision stitched piece of zombie perfection has been brought to you by TiLT creations.

And the letter Z.

I think we’re off to a fine stitchy start here, peeps. Keep adding your fine threads to our the Urban Embroidery flickr pool and you might see them featured here!