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The Dark Fairytales of Queen Maab

Flickr user Queen Maab has hand embroidered the 9 main Dark Fairytale features to perfection, and to top it all off she’s put them all in these gorgeous dark ornate frames. I am LOVING the embroidery with the antique gold. These must look stunning all hung up on the wall together.

This is just a taste. Check out the whole series over on her flickr set.

The Shrunken Head

"The Shrunken Head"

Rock. On.

Hands down, my favorite pet costume I’ve ever seen. Crestedcrazy, you are crazy. In all the best ways that count.

Fantastic entry to the Urban Threads costume contest too, with all those lovely lace skulls and bats. Have you started stitching for Halloween yet?

Hello My Name Is…

Swap piece for JoSpotted in the Urban Threads flickr pool

Jo is one lucky bunny to have LisaLady161 as a swap partner. I think I’d carry this around with me everywhere and ask if anyone has seen the six fingered man.

Swank stitching madame. I’m sure you’ll never have a shortage of swap partners.

Flickr Roundup – Halloween Edition!

Well, it may all be sleigh bells and jolly tidings everywhere else around July, but around here we’re howling at the moon and having ourselves a spooky time. It’s Halloween in July! In celebration, I thought we’d have a ghoulish little roundup of some of the creepy crafts our stitching wizards have made for everyone’s favorite time of year.

OK, my favorite time of year. But on here I practically count for everyone.


Lace as always is a big hit with the gothic crowd (as you’ll quickly be able to tell from this roundup) and this gorgeous mask was whipped up by Storied Threads, embroiderer and costumer extraordinaire. I just love the addition of the flowing feathers! It makes it all look so dark and romantic.

Halloween Triptych

Our creepy take on old world primitive style was a big hit when we released them, and Lyn Sews wasted no time in stitching up three of the creepy characers of the Primitive Macabre series into this awesome Hallowen triptych. I’m really loving the burlap colored fabric she used as well, it really gives them an old world feel.

Tia in mask

It’s a little bit steampunk, to be sure… ok, a lot of steampunk… but steampunk is going to be huge for Halloween again this year, and you might as well embrace it! dj ghostuk made this gorgeous ensemble with the raven mask (pictured up top) minus the raven’s beak, but plus 4 different steampunky colors to fabulous effect. You’ll also notice a tiny little lace key hidden up top amongst the feathers of her hat.

The whole effect is really fantastic, and something I would be proud to rock on Halloween! It’s also making me wish I had a lot more hair…


Speaking of rockin’ it proud and loud, Carol stitched up this Dia De Los Muertos Calavera dress for a friend, and I am just loving the skull fabric! And the pose. But really, you can never have enough skull fabric, can you?

blue black bat choker test drive 3-1-2011

Lace is at it again, in full gothic effect! These lace bats were not originally designed to be a necklace, but when has a little thing like that ever stopped an Urban Threadster? Certainly not one like Nayayane, who stitched them together and added some bling for a festive way to celebrate the season.

Or any season really. Give them little Santa hats and I’m sure they’d fit right into the Holidays.

Moon-lit tree tote bag

Just feeling dark and spooky any old time?

Well like our any-season Santa-hat-wearing winged mammals (bet you dont see that sentence on a blog everyday) this bag is perfect for any time, provided you’re feeling a little spooky. And, if it’s not feeling spooky enough, well you can add some of our winged friends to this elegant tree design stitched up by My World’s a Stage, and call it good.


Need a costume in a hurry? Crafty Dame has just the thing! Stitch some freestanding lace wings and baste them onto a tee, and you’ve got a little magic in a hurry. Not feeling so heavenly? Stitch ’em in black for a darker twist.

Handmade Vampire Bunny Felt Stuffie

Of course, who could forget our fangtastic little vampire bunny, who really us trying so very hard to hypnotize you with those beady little eyes of his. Hippofairy really captured the essence of everything I love about fanged bunnies, namely that they always look cute and little bit bonkers. He fits the bill nicely.


Finally, I just had to finish this one, because not only is it a truly epic picture of a Elizabeth’s grumpy kitty in our witchy little lace hat, but also, it’s really begging to be LOLcat captioned. Leave your LOLcat hilarity in the comments!

If this Halloweeny roundup doesn’t get you in a witchy mood, well just wait to see what stitching wizardry we have in store for you tomorrow. And when I say wizard, well, I really mean it…

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to!

The Magical Monochrome Stitches of Marpet…

A little vintage glam, anyone?


You might have noticed that this weeks designs follow a bit of a love theme, and nothing to me seems more romantic than white and cream stitches and layers of lace. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some of the magical stitchery of Marpet







I just love the vintage look of off-whites, creams and lace, and I LOVE how many embroidery designs she has layered on her pieces, using everything from steampunk to apothecary (which, by the way, is a fabulous combination). They feel so light and yet decadent at the same time!
She really has an eye for layering, and I’m quite fond of her color schemes, as I’ve used similar ones myself in the past.

Hats off to you madame, you know your stitching.

Flickr find – Needle Power

Needle Power

This design totally rocks in the hands of xperimentl. I am just loving the applique fabrics in the background, and all the different stitches she used.

Yes, the revolution will be stitched. And it will be purple.

Apothecary Design Hack

All Together Now

Check out this super cool design hack by awildnotion. She took our original Madame Nightshade’s bag and combined it with the other apothecary designs to make a whole collection of awesome bags.


I love how she’s moved each piece around to suit the bag design.

All Together From Behind

She even added a drawstring line and a little added stitching to the back. I love when you guys get creative like this. Have you ever tried using a design in a new creative way?