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May Flickr Roundup

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” — Robin Williams.

That’s right, Spring is finally here! Lets party with the May flickr roundup…

Crazy Dog Lady!

Time Wrinker has posted some really sweet zipper pouches on the UT flickr group recently. She rocked out this crazy dog lady pouch so fast! I love the cute bone zipper pull.

Batty Bag

This is phenomenal! I love the style of the bag, paired with the sweet hanging bats. Shefightslikeagirl did an amazing job with this piece.


Wowza! Pooka employed many beautiful hand stitching techniques to create this skeleton girl cameo. Her smart teenage daughter commandeered it for her room!


Very cute monster key chain. Marylou has many more fun creations posted on the flickr pool. Check her out!

Embroidered Monk Bag

Becca made custom shopping bags to take to her local wool festival! I bet these knitting skully bags will look great filled to the brim with new yarn and other woolly delights.


I love this veggie collage  pouch by Brandy. It would be such a great place to keep veggie seeds for gardening. Yay spring!

Urban threads

There is a lot of awesome happening here. Jennifer hand dyed her threads! I love the metallic accents at the top also. Stunning work!


I love this black on white leather clutch by MiaSpider. The lace accents pair nicely with the Victorian quilting designs.


Another great Don’t Panic design, turned pincushion! I’m digging the amazing fuchsia baroque frame Meagan found for her piece.


This gorgeous piece of jewelry was crafted by Anik! The asymmetrical way the lace lays across her collar bones is really stellar.

What a great embroidery party! A big thanks to everyone who posted their amazing creations to the UT flickr pool. Keep the creative magic coming, we love it.

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Flickr Roundup

I’m in love with all the amazing work in the UT Flickr group. Let me count the ways with a February roundup!

Valentine's Kitties

These sweet, quirky Valentines day kitties by Weirdlings are so much fun! I love the different color ways of the doodle heart, and of course the little embroidered eyes really bring these kitties to life.


My baby Olive, loves baths and yellow ducks! I think this quilt is right in her wheel house. Kathleen really had a creative stroke of genius when putting this together.


Dueling duck quilts! This one by Katrina adds great typography to the quilt layout.

Bacon Cat Towel is Born

Of course Steampunk Bacon Cat should live in the kitchen! Vintage FairyTale’s made this awesome ruffled kitchen towel.


This beautiful wedding bunting with gorgeous celtic charms was created by the anti cute. This would be great to decorate for any romantic occasion.

Odo likes his new pouch

What what what?! Hak42 has a steam punk sugar glider named Odo?! Odo really has a sweet little home in this embroidered bag.


I love these wristlets by Jessica that use some neat skull and music embroidery. These look so fun and can store so many usefully tiny things you might need on hand.

DQS10 Extras

The colors on this doodle bird really pop! I love the way Tami paired embroidery and fabric designs.

Night Sky 1

Pippa created a beautiful space quilt with glow in the dark thread for the constellations. She created the milky way with a bleach splattering technique.


This stunning evolution hand towel by stichfork makes me want to bake some crumpets and throw a valentines day tea party!

Flight of Fancy journal

Wow! Heather carved a rubber stamp, then printed the image and pasted it to a journal cover. This flight of fancy design never looked better!


I wanted to show off the mad hand embroidery skills by idurrant20. This rose detail from the dark fairy tale series is exquisite.

Embroidered Covered Box

Yes! Timewrinker wins again! She created this cute celtic heart box and I love the rick rack border.

I love how versatile and imaginative everyone is with their embroidery. Keep sharing the love and posting pictures to the UT Flickr group of all the amazing projects you create. We love seeing it, and we love you all!

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Flickr Roundup

Happy Fall!

The leaves are changing, and the cool winds are blowing here at Urban Threads. Grab a cup of hot cider and check out the amazing work everyone has been creating, and wearing…

urban threads steampunk Wyvren for the guy in your life

To start, this vest by kraizdnurz is absolutely stunning. The Wyvren accent peeking out of the pocket is so fantastic. I want the dress code at work to require embroidered steampunk vests.


I am loving this Wonderland neck collar. Nathalie created the pattern herself, and did a beautiful job with the lacing up the back!

TimeWrinkler stitched this amazing t-shirt in record time! Yay! I love the crystal embellishments, and the silver metallic unicorn horn.


This under bust corset by Nikki of Dark Knits Boutique is elegant, romantic, and spooky all at the same time. I love the choice of fabric, and of course, the anatomical rib cage design.

Embroidered Pashmina Infinity Scarf

It is scarf season! This infinity scarf by klix creations looks so cozy! I love the light Mendhika Lotus stitching with the soft pink fabric.

Burda 5/11

What a beautiful garment Ganz und Garn has created! The delicate Mendhika Fish stitched on top of the lacy pull over is superb.

This little girl’s skirt is totally “Cute as Hell”! The sequined leash for the little devil is a perfect accessory. Luna of Astral Me made this, and many more adorable items. Check her out!

SewMyGosh up-cycled this slick fall jacket to a whole new level of awesomeness by adding some Parisian roses. This is a great technique for any hard-to-hoop garments you would love to see embroidered!

Going full circle back to embroidered vests, My World’s a Stage modified our steampunk ray guns to make this one. I love the sassy sophistication the stitching brings to the outfit.

Pin Cushion 2

And finally, I think everyone needs one of these babies by gnewfer. The ultimate Urban Threads pincushion! You can get the free UT logo here.

I hope you found as much inspiration in all of these fabulous fashions as I have. Go grab an old sweater, scarf, skirt, or vest and your favorite threads and get stitching! Or create your own patterns and find new ways to incorporate awesome embroidery into your wardrobe. Then post your projects to the UT flickr group so we can all enjoy.

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Flickr Roundup

The collection of wonders and delights that Urban Threadsters have been posting to the UT flickr group is impressive! Here is a peek of some of the projects to be found.


Ingrid stitched up these Dark Fairy Tale tea towels. I can almost smell the dough rising and the stew bubbling in the cauldron. What a perfect autumn kitchen addition!

Ereader Cover

The mix of old crafts with new technologies is amazing in this well executed project by Claudia. The book love design looks great in blue!

ADORABLE!  Crysta aka Morning Tempest has an eye for Cthulhu cuteness!

choker 3

Choco line created this stunning steampunk choker. The grommets add another level of metal detail to make it all the more steampunky! There are many more projects on her flickr, and they all are beautiful!


I also have a thing for feathers! This charming necklace of feathers by byAnhor is exquisite.

Holiday Bunny March 2012

I love this hand stitched holiday bunny by Idurrant20. Thick hand stitched satins have such a great texture to them.

Stitching up some steampunk goodies

Mtcoffinz has quite a collection of amazing projects you can find on flickr. I love this in-progress shot of the machine stitching out a design from our recent Steampunk Alchemy batch.


I want! The sewing machine schematic is a great waist piece. And I love the button accents. Nathalie did a great job in the dress construction as well. I would love to see it on it’s intended wearer.

This is a sweet application of our Parisian Love Letter batch. They are wedding favor envelopes and a ring bearer pillow by wedding favor bags. What a sweet Paris wedding snuggle!

I love the eclectic mix of projects showing up everyday. They never cease to inspire me. If you are looking for your own inspiration, take some time to look through the UT flickr pool. Urban Threadsters do not disappoint!

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Flickr Roundup

Wow! It’s crazy hot and humid here in Minnesota today. It’s time for a jump in the UT flickr pool!

I am totally amazed at this screen door embroidery! BunnySlippers73 chose the Cthulhu Crest to put on her door and it turned out incredibly beautiful.


Alert Wear stitched this adorable kid apron with the Mr. Nomster applique. All caregivers heed the food allergy warning!


This lucky girl is sporting an awesome dress embroidered with some delicate Parisian Butterflies! Klix Creations did a masterful job with the stitching, and also at capturing the joy of childhood in this awesome photo!


I am digging this purple Swallow Skeleton hoodie by Fabulously Fierce. The placement of these mirrored swallows is perfect.


Trillias transformed this corduroy jumper with some super cute teacup applique. Now I want to see this garment in action at a real tea party!


EadaoinFlynn crafted this awesome Stud Muffin framed wall hanging for her sister. A stud muffin and a hot cuppa tea are a great addition to any day.


Yay! and liddle lamzy divy created this amazing pillow that layers the Wonderland designs, with the Vintage Key with Ribbon, Fancy Teapot, and our Teacup Stack. She nailed the thread colors and did a great job with placing each design. The backside of the pillow is Wonderland fabric from our very own spoonflower store!

Stunning work by everyone! I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to get back to work. I hope everyone stays cool and crafty in the summer heat! Check out the UT flickr pool regularly for more inspiring projects and be sure to upload and share some of your own.

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Party Bear Says Yay

Party Bear

Party Bear is trying his best to muster the appropriate amount of enthusiasm… for StitchPunk’s first birthday! Yup, we started this little blog one year ago today, and it’s been all kinds of fun since then.

By the way, isn’t Bear cute? He was stitched up by alexishelmrath. I’m loving the vintage applique look.

So grab your party hats and everybody shout!


Flickr Roundup

Hello! If you haven’t noticed, there has been a monster take over of the UT flickr pool! I braved past the scary monsters and snuggled with the adorable ones to uncover some other great embroidery projects!

Cover 1

Ahoy! Gaitri Sparkles created this Kindle cover, giving it a special book-like feel. The piping detail around the embroidery really adds to the finished piece.

This baby ninja bib and mustachio is extra fabuloso! By Crystal of Morning Tempest.

Urban Threads Winged Heart

An elegant use of the Baroque Punk Heart Locket by Quirky Kim! The white thread on black looks stunning!

My favorite kind of dreams have rainbows, ice cream and ponies! I would love to drift off into this magical dreamland illustrated by One Sweet Stitch.

Ruby Shines Momma must have created this nifty little clip purse with me in mind! I love it! Hopefully all those colorful zippers will transform into many more exciting embroidery projects!

voodoo doll pincushions

Voodoo doll pincushions are pretty self explanatory. And wonderful. This matching set was made by snifferooski, for herself and her mom.

This classy garment was stitched by Bridget. She was looking for some more elegant creative office wear. I find the neck line particularly posh. How many basics in your closet could use a steam punk embroidery make-over?

A great reminder, beautifully stitched by knottygal.

Follow Your Heart Bag  <3

This adorable bag by Time Wrinkler is sized to fit a Kindle fire, bringing our Flickr Roundup full circle. I am happy to know you Urban Threadsters are keeping up on your reading between stitching incredible projects!

Check out the flickr pool to find more great project inspiration. Also take a peek at all the Monster Bash entries that have been popping up. The creativity is oozing out of every monstrous submission!

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