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Crafting Fails

Ever have one of those days? You leave the machine for five measly minutes and that’s all the sewing gnomes need to completely wreak havoc on your beautiful project. Or your machine decides it’s possessed and takes your sewing project into it’s own diabolical hands. Never fret.

We’ve all been there. Heck you can see how it happened to me on our latest project.

We asked the question on facebook, and got all kinds of fun responses. Here are a few occasions that fellow Urban Threadsters have shared of their most interesting mishaps or their most epic fails…


Sandy – Lots to mention, but the one that stands out the best was the day I sewed my finger at 1000 stitches a minute.

Julia – When I sew a project, I quite literally cannot complete it without sewing at least one seam backwards. Every time.

Elfie is an Embroidery Wizard

Elfie - See how I can make the thread jump out of the needle... WITHOUT BREAKING OFF THE DESIGN! It's either me, or the machine's been possessed again.

Angela – My biggest to date is just the good ol’ sewing my fabric into my embroidery design. SO FRUSTRATING (yet it has been repeated MORE THAN ONCE lol)

Catherine -I think my best one was forgetting to close the bobbin surround and ended up losing a needle, catching the cutting mechanism, braking a small piece off the bobbin case and bending the needle protector. Luckily with a couple of yanks and a few swears, everything moved back into place. I did end up putting a nice whole through my project though.

Lora – I think my most epic fail was when I was embroidering my first customer’s blanket that was also a gift for his troop leader. I ended up picking a font that was too thin and the thread was so dark that you couldn’t see the wording after I had washed away the stabilizer. So naturally I tried to rehoop and embroider it again only to get it slightly off the mark but it ended up looking like a shadow that I did on purpose. Thinking all was well I started taking it off the hoop only to discover somehow I had put a hole in it. I ended up making a small fleur de lis patch and sewing it by hand over the hole. Thank goodness my first customer was also a really good friend and he just laughed it off but boy was my face red!


Kristy -Embroidered myself while putting a name on my daughter's new beach towel. You can see half the needle in my finger. The other half was still on the machine. Ouch!

Brianne -A 92,000 stitch full back on a carhart jacket running 6 at a time, last minute rush- and 3 of them popped out of the hoop at 20K stitches to go. 🙁  I yelled the f word very loud.

Kei – I was making a sheet (full 360×200 hoop) of patches, on the final colours. I had been watching over the machine for 45 minutes when I got up to go get some water, I hear my husband yell “OH SHI-” and I come running in to find the entire hoop’s worth of fabric balled up in a tiny disaster about 4×6 and all underneathe of the needle. I spent 2 hours fixed it and salvaging what I could =/

Margaret - I live in Bryan/College Station, TX, home of Texas A&M University, and the girls here have a fad of wearing dresses made out of a favorite Aggie t-shirt to the football games. They call them "game day dresses." I was sewing away on one of these and at the last minute realized I had sewed the t-shirt part upside down. It was too funny. I think I must have been working too hard.

Judy – My motto is never turn your back on the little darling, much less leave the room! I was finishing a border on a Pashimi scarf, turned 90 degrees to my laptop and all H### broke loose. When I turned back to the machine the shawl was both under and through the embroidery foot. No saving without a big hole. Some day, I’ll cut the end off and start over!

Kristina – The damn needle broke in half in the middle of a scary scarecrow design. I still had to cut the needle with wire cutters and then I was able to release the hoop. Then as I was removing the top part of the needle, still in the machine, it drops into the gears below. Fearfull that nothing was going to work I turn it around and even upside down but that sharp part of the needle never fell out. Everytime I start a new design I fear this is the last time it will work.

Cathy – Never stitch late at night when tired. I have a Christmas tea towel I use in my kitchen that says “elgnij”. A design I mistakenly mirrored, instead of flipping, on my computer screen (“jingle” backwards).


So Urban Threadsters, don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us. Got an epic fail story to share? Leave it in the comments below, e-mail us, or you can upload an epic fail pic to our flickr group and tag it fail. We’ll keep sharing them as long as they keep coming in!