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New Love: Embroidered Wallpaper


                                                                                                                                              Claire Coles


                                                                                                                                            tracy kendall


                                                                                                                                               Claire Coles

Having torn out badly patterned golf wallpaper from my home before, I usually have no great love of the stuff. With the addition of embroidery however, I have found a new love. Not that I’m going to end up springing for these gorgeous pieces, but it does make me wonder… what strange thing can I hoop today?

I bet you could find some wallpaper sturdy enough to get into a hoop. Hmmm…

Machine Embroidered Bowls

I’m in awe of the amazing work of Anne Honeyman, an embroidery and textile artist who creates these amazing vessels by machine embroidering on soluble fabric and shaping them wet into bowls. Each vessel is one of a kind, and they are all so stunningly beautiful.

Check out more of her amazing work on her webpage.

Embroidered Wardrobe

Design*Sponge has an interesting post up today about a wardrobe makeover that involves embroidery! I guess we’ve seen embroidered objects before, but I never really thought of it as a DIY kinda project. Shows what I know.

See the before and after here.

Tutorial – Floss Wrapped Wreath

Beautiful and subtle rainbow floss wreath idea from Duo Fiberworks. Love the combination of the natural with the vibrant colors! Get the tute.

via Poppytalk.

Cross Stitch Glassware

I love it when crafting motifs find their way into everyday design, and this little tutorial from Martha Stewart on how to add cross stitch motifs to glass is brilliant example!. Via Craft.

Want to see some more craft inspired everyday items? Have a peek.


Fabric Chandelier

Looking for something to do with that leftover embroidery hoop, floss, and extra fabric scraps from your last project? 100 Layer Cake has your answer.

Via Design*Sponge

UT Tutorial – Reupholstering a Cushion

Looking for a way to update your furniture? Give an old chair new life with a re-covered cushion. A little embroidery and some bright fabrics go a long way. Get the full tutorial here!