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Craft Is Art – Coloring Contest!

contest header

Spring is here, and color is on the way… we figured it was time for another awesome crafty contest! You know the big coloring trend that’s popped up all over the place lately? If you’ve never tried it, it’s a fun and zen way to get into a creative space. Well, we’ve got a super crafty way for you to give it a try, AND WIN yourself an amazing package of thread colors! 

To kick off this contest, we’re introducing a fun new FREEBIE you can use to get creative on coloring. First let’s take a peek at this new design you can grab to get your entry started…


We’ve got a great new design done in simple black outlines, in a whimsical style perfect for coloring. You can download your freebie right here in four beautiful sizes, for both machine and hand embroidery.

Download your machine embroidery freebie, hoop it up with some stabilizer, and stitch away! If you’re doing it by hand, we recommend still stitching the outline in black so you can have fun adding color later.

Stitching your design on a white fabric is best, as that’s the easiest to color on. We recommend cotton or other natural fibers that will soak in fabric markers or fabric paint best.

Also, you may want to leave yourself some room on your fabric in case you wish to turn your colored design into a wall hanging, pillow, hoop art, or whatever else you might desire! That’s not technically part of the contest, but it’s a fun way to show off your hard work.


There are all kinds of ways you can color your design. Obviously, the easiest is fabric markers, which you can find at pretty much any fabric or craft store. However, you don’t have to stop there. There are all kinds of other fun paint techniques you can mix into your design, like loose painting with fabric paints, or just paint splats. Any media you want to use for coloring are fair game!


You can mix it up and get really creative with your medium, but the goal here is to color this design with as much personality as you can muster! When you’re done feel free to turn it into something fun! It can be on a bag, or pillow or anything, as long as we can still see your amazing coloring creation. You may send as many entries as you like.

So, once you’ve stitched and colored your magical creation, you’ll need to take a nice clear picture of it, and email it into before Saturday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m., Central time.


What Can You Win?


Machine embroidery crafters have a chance to win..

100 beautiful Madeira Classic Rayon 40 colors, with a Madeira Classic Rayon color card for reference, plus 20 more assorted metallic, variegated, glow, and solar active threads, all on a handy wood thread rack – valued at $500!!


Hand embroidery crafters have a chance to win…


80 beautiful DMC thread skeins in every color of the rainbow, 20 more assorted metallic and variegated threads, 2 Stitchbow binder inserts, 30 floss holders, a 3 pack bamboo embroidery hoop set, two needle sets, and scissors – all with a handy needlework travel back to store it all – valued at $150!!


Once the entries have come in and the contest has closed on April 30, the finalists (up to 10 in each division) will be posted on Thursday, May 5.

Once the finalists are announced, it’s your job to vote for the winner! Voting will be open from May 5 to Tuesday, May 10. The winner will be announced after the voting period has ended.

*Note: If you reside outside the United States, you’re still eligible for the contest, but your prize will be a virtual gift basket of gift certificates for Urban Threads, Embroidery Library, and a craft store near your location – with the total equal to the value of the division prize (in U.S. dollars).*


So what are you waiting for? Grab your freebie, get stitching, then get coloring! Remember, contest entries are due by April 30. You could win a BIG prize of thread to let you add your colorful touch to all kinds of future embroidery projects!

Good luck and happy coloring!

Grand Prize Winners of the UT Coloring Contest!

Ho boy! This one was down to the wire, but we officially have the results of the UT coloring contest. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all the stitchers that participated and for everyone who voted. But what are we waiting for? Here are the results…

The winner of the machine embroidery category for this years coloring contest is that yummy coffee colored creation by Juliane!

Congrats Juliane!



This one was a TIGHT race folks. Separated by just a few votes from the amazing brightly colored design by inartwork. Everyone did such an amazing job, I know it was a hard choice! And what about the hand embroidery contestants?

The winner of the hand embroidery category for this years coloring contest is that gorgeous colorful watercolored creation by Brandy!

Congrats Brandy!



This one was also a pretty tight race, with April’s crayon tinted design not far behind. It was just so hard to CHOOSE, wasn’t it? The 8 other finalists all win a $10 UT gift certificate for making it into the final round and for working so hard on their entries. These pieces were all so wonderfully stitched and the colors just stunning. So much work went into these beautiful pieces!

Congrats again to Juliane and Brandy, each our grand prize winners of a $100 gift certificate to Urban Threads!

A special thanks to everyone who helped celebrate the big 5 with us all through the month of May. We can’t wait to celebrate the big 6 with you next year!

UT Coloring Contest Finalists

*UPDATE – Voting is closed! Winners coming soon*

It’s time… all through the month of May you Threadsters were playing with this design, in order to create your own colorful masterpieces for Urban Threads 5th Birthday Coloring Contest. Well the entries are in, and the top 5 finalists in each category have been chosen! First, our top colorful entries stitched up by an embroidery machine…

Machine Embroidery Finalists


This dark and broody black and red sparkle creation was made by Miriam.


This classic soft rainbow scheme entry was stitched up by Vicki.


This coloring contest entry is by Juliane, inspired by yummy coffee and chocolate.


This bright and bold coloring entry makes great use of a light colored outline, stitched up by inartwork.


This neon inspired coloring contest entry was stitched up by Cornelia.

All those crazy colors! What fun 🙂 Are you ready to vote? Take a good long look at each of these colorful designs, and vote for your favorite below. Voting is closed!

Katheryn De Benedictis - Create EmbroideryHand Embroidery Finalists

This blue and purple stitch-filled beauty was hand embroidered by Katheryn.


This colorful rainbow crayon-tinted creation was stitched up by April.


This hand embroidered coloring contest entry by Emily features beautiful variegated stitching on a faux wood fabric.


This coloring contest entry by Brandy features lovely running stitch outlines mixed with light washes of watercolor.

Urban Threads Color Contest

This bold and broody design was hand stitched by confident soba using lots of lovely fill stitches.

Are you ready to vote for your favorite hand embroidery entry? Second voting poll is below. Voting is closed!

A big congratulations to our 10 finalists for making it into the top 5 of their categories! Also, a big BIG thank you to ALL of you who entered. We had a lot of entries into this contest. Want to see them all? Of course you do! Check them out in the slideshow below. Thanks for helping us make our 5th Birthday extra special!Did you vote once for each category? GOOD! Voting will remain open until this Friday at noon central time, and we’ll announce the final winners in the newsletter!

Coloring Contest Entries Are Coming In!

Entries for our 5th Birthday coloring contest are starting to pour in! I love the creativity that’s already coming out, including innovative coloring techniques with paint & crayon tinting, and totally wild color schemes! Take a peek at some of the entries we’ve already received, and click on each one to see more about it…

UT Coloring Contest ~Water color



Sepia Tone entry for Urban Threads coloring contest

Flight of Imagination



Want even more? Check out this flickr gallery of all the entries thus far, then go grab the contest freebie, check out the details, and get stitching for a chance to win a $100 UT gift certificate! Remember this contest closes  Friday, May 31, 2013, so get a move on.

Urban Threads 5th Birthday Coloring Contest Extravaganza!


The month of May is upon us, and that means one very important thing around here at Urban Threads…

It’sOurBirthdayIt’sOurBirthday…yea yea It’sOurBirthday!

Remember this? Oh yeah, we had a coloring contest once before, and it was so much fun, I forget what reasons we possibly had for not doing it again! So here we are. We’re going to be the big 5 this year and we thought it was about darn time to bring it back in a grand way, with all the freebies, contests, voting and BIG prizes you could hope for.

So first, we’re going to give you this awesome “Create” freebie!


You can download it here, and it will be free now through May 31. If this shiny free design wasn’t awesome enough, how about the fact that this free thing that can win you more free things!

This is how: as we’ve learned, most of you take peek at the color sheet to see what each stop does, then toss it out the window and show us how it’s done (often with fantastic results, like last time). So, want to show us those mad color skills again?

Download the design and then stitch up your own fantastic new color scheme, and then email your entry to and either:

  1. attach a photo of your entry in the email
  2. or include a link to your photo’s location in the Urban Embroidery flickr group with the tag utcolorcontest2013

Remember, you can stitch up your coloring contest entry using your embroidery machine or by hand. Entries will be accepted through Friday, May 31, 2013. Machine and hand embroidery will be judged in their own categories, and you may submit up to three entries in each category.

After all the entries are in, our lovely team at Urban Threads will pick the 5 top finalists from each category, hand and machine. As an extra bonus, all stitchers who get into this final round will automatically win a $10 gift certificate to Urban Threads! Finalists will be notified through email.

Once the finalists are chosen, we will post the lucky 10 up on the blog on Monday, June 3, and you’ll have through that week to vote on your favorite color scheme in each category (hand and machine) and pick the winners of the grand prize!

So, what do the final two crafty coloring stitchers win?

contest 002

The lucky embroiderers who get the most votes  in each category will win a $100 gift certificate to grab all the designs you ever coveted on your wish list! Or at least get you a good ways until our next birthday 😉

So, download the freebie, choose your own colors, and email your entry for the chance at $100 worth of UT goods. What are you waiting for? Grab your free design and start stitching!

We Have Winners!

Thanks to everyone who voted on the coloring contest finalists this past weekend. The votes have been tallied, and we have some winners!

The top machine embroidery entry is … Pam’s, inspired by the sunny hues of the Australian outback!

And your pick for hand embroidery is … queenmaab’s skillfully shaded brown, blue, and burgundy monarch!

All winners have been emailed or flickr-messaged their prizes — Pam and queenmaab each get a $100 gift certificate; all the other finalists will receive a $10 gift certificate. Thanks so much to all for stitching, voting, and admiring the awesome work of this creative bunch of Urban Threadsters. If you haven’t yet, check out all the entries — they’re wonderful through and through!

(More) Honorable Mentions

Been ooohing and ahhhing over the finalists in UT’s first-ever coloring contest? Here’s more eye candy! Last week we shared an “honorable mention” paper cutting of the Maiden Monarch design. Machine embroidery celebrity guest judge Erich Campbell, utterly overwhelmed by the awesomeness of your entries, couldn’t help but name a few honorable mentions of his own. Check ’em out:

Most Inventive Color Choices

Kentfield went with a classy all-white look:

queenmaab stitched a bold black silhouette:

Mary‘s icy blue design has a bit of a reverse color look going on:

Most Punky

Elizabeth‘s monarch has variegated black and white hair:

Best Use of Pastels

Richaway1230 took inspiration from the beautiful colors of sunsets seen from the back porch:

Great Use of Specialty Add-ons/Techniques

Ima Sewandsew‘s fuzzy fringed ermine is, and I quote, “just awesome”:

Want more? Browse all the contest entries to see loads of Urban Threadster talent on display!