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New Obsession – Antique Sample Books

I have found a new obsession. I want want want to collect antique embroidery sample books. Possibly french ones. But ones at least that are filled with dusty pages and exquisite embroidery and old leather covers. Want.

Want a new obsession? See more over on trouvais, with more examples of books you’ll want. Just a warning.

You know what else this makes me want to do? Bind all our sample stitch outs into a big, ornate gothic looking leather book for future generations to ponder over. Never mind that it would be filled with skulls and steampunk instead of flowers. That would just make it more unique, right?


UT Tutorial – Antique Embroidered Book

Is your bookshelf looking a bit drab these days? Shiny pink printed book jackets just not giving your library the… ambiance you’re after? Well, it might be true that they don’t make them like they used to, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t….

Check out this week’s tutorial to learn to embroider, tea stain, and recover your books to antiqued splendor. Soon, your bookshelf will look like it’s filled with the great classics of old, even if all you have in there is the Twilight series. Not that we have anything against vampires. Quite the contrary. By the way, did we mention that this tutorial would happen to go fabulously with our new dark fairytale series? We didn’t?

It would. Go get ‘em.