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Autumn Tutorial Roundup

September is here and in Minnesota at least the chill of autumn is definitely in the air. This is my absolute favorite time of year, filled with bright colors, hot cider, cozy blankets and crisp walks through the woods. Why not celebrate this  season by trying one of these easy tutorials perfectly suited to the new cooler days and longer nights.

Click the image of each tutorial to try it out!

Craft an elegant infinity scarf with just the right hint of darkness and warmth to see you through the fall season in style.

Get bold and bright with your leftover fabric scraps and some delicate lace leaves to make this festive autumn garland.

Go back to school with style by giving your paper covered textbooks their own touch of stitched personality.

Light up those darkening autumn nights with this easy and elegant lace votive wrap.

Go all out in festive style by making this cheerful autumn bunting in appropriately spooky colors.

People aren’t the only ones feeling the chill of the fall air! Why not keep your four legged friends cozy with a totally hip little embroidered dog hoodie.

Sandals feeling a little chilly these days? Upcycle some old sweaters and a pair of flats into these totally adorable sweater boots.

All of these tutorials are easy to try and can be whipped up in an afternoon. There’s no better season to bundle up in handmade goods. Looking for something a little spookier? Check out our previous roundup of Halloween inspired tutorials!

Happy Autumn everyone! I’m off to hunt down some cider.

Welcome November

I thought this beautiful creation from Plays with Needles would be a great way to kick off the chilly month of November. Halloween may be gone but the beauty of fall is still here!

via Needlework News

New Clockwork Natura Series

We have a brand new special batch of designs launching today, the Clockwork Natura series.

A little bit steampunk, a little bit goth, and a lot of autumn make this appropriately dark for this season or any. The beautiful decay of autumn was the perfect backdrop for playing with the theme of time, industry, and the decline of nature. Dark natural themes are interwoven with steampunk gears and clockwork pieces, with just enough darkness to appeal to that inner goth you keep denying you have.

Beautiful copper metallics bring some brightness and shine to the otherwise dark colors. The series itself is perfect for apparel and clothing, with lots of long flowing shapes, borders and corners.

Even if you’re not all that “into” steampunk or gothic motifs, this series is darkly elegant for any occasion.

Softly wilting roses and intertwining leaves make it more a nature lover’s dream.

Still, where would we be without a little skull now and then?

This is just a taste of the series… want to see it all? Better yet, want to grab it all on sale? You can! Check out the sale page to grab each design individually, or of course as one awesome deal as a pack.

And if you’re wondering just what one might do with this series…

Oh just you wait and see… we have a special project in store for you!