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Giant Rustic Cross Stitch

Raumseelig had this old board laying around for ages, until she finally discovered what it really wanted to be was the coolest cross stitch canvas ever. See more on her German blog Raumseeling, which you can get google to translate or just ogle the pictures.

Someone find me an old door and a drill stat.

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Digitized Art by Jess Larson

I love finding new an unexpected machine embroidery artists. I especially love finding out that they’re local! The fab Mr X Stitch featured embroidery artist Jessica Larson today, who happens to be a Professor of Studio Art and artist from Morris, Minnesota.

Her work is a sublime mix of machine and hand embroidery, digitized with some stunning detail. I just love seeing what creative folks get up to when they get their hands on digitizing software. See more on the X Stitch post, or check out her website!

Karina Thompson’s Digital Stitching

I’m so in love with the post over on Mr X Stitch today, featuring the work of  Karina Thompson and her digital stitchings. Karina has been a textile artist for 20 years, but she eventually became involved with machine embroidery technology, and the results are incredible. From Karina,

Imagery or text is initially cleaned up and edited in Photoshop before being uploaded in to Pfaff’s 5D software. Here the embroidery can be programmed and further changes made. I use a Pfaff Creative Vision machine to stitch work out. I am particularly keen to challenge the way both the software and hardware suggest the embroidery is created.

“This technology is allowing me to build imagery in a way that I never expected. It feels like the possibilities are endless.”

It’s so exciting to see this technology get into the hands of more and more artists, and Karina’s work is simply incredible. Though machine embroidery is still mostly seen as an industry trade, I hope that one day machine embroidered art can be as common as digital art is now. There are so many amazing things to be done with it!

See more of her work over on the X Stitch post, or visit her website gallery for more inspiration.


Delicate stitches? Check. Pink satin? Check. Light and lacy skulls? Check and check. Anytime I see pink and pretty and skulls and bones together I’m on board.

These amazing chain stitched pillows are from the series Artnatomy, from artist Cecile Dachary. You can just appreciate the delicate stitches and dark motifs as some great inspiration, or visit Yellow Velvet to actually buy them and find out more about the project. The website is in french, so you’ll want to have google translate on!

Extraordinary Stitches & Everyday Things

Many thanks to Craft for tipping me off to the wonderful textile artist Lauren DiCioccio. Her beautiful stitching of everyday things really brings these usually ordinary objects into a new extraordinary light.

See more of her work on her website.

Embroidered Typography

I’ve lately become obsessed with typography, something I wish I had studied more of in art college. Combining type with stitches is a wonderful way to refresh both mediums, and this roundup from Plenty of Colour has some truly beautiful examples. It makes me want to start stitching!

Embroidery Meets Infographics

My husband is a User Experience designer (or more commonly called a UX designer) and so lets just say I have seen my fair share of infographics.

If you don’t happen to be married to an infographic maker, or perhaps haven’t seen them about, infographics are simply graphic visual interpretations of data. These days though, what used to be a pie chart has recently been turned into a wildly influential design trend, as it seems the rest of the world has finally caught on to the idea that complex information is much more easily grasped when in a clean, well designed visual form.

As such, it’s a really interesting treat to see the world of infographics colliding with the world of embroidery in this cool hand embroidered piece from Maricor/Maricar.

The piece is an infographic for LEVI’s, so all the visual data is embroidered on denim. Though I’m partial to the clean graphics often shown in infographics, I just love the tactile nature embroidery brings to this one. Check out more photos of this piece, or lose yourself in more work from Maricor/Maricar.