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Color Inspirations – Soft Seas & Velvet

Go bold & sophisticated even with single color embroidery designs using this Soft Seas & Velvet color inspiration.

Single color designs don’t take all the fun out of color choices. It just means you get to go bold and simple with your design! Try an unexpected but regal color combination with this Soft Seas & Velvet inspiration. Find a wonderfully soft, vintage style sea green fabric with lots of depth of color, and then bring it to life with a darkly saturated, velvety maroon. The wonderful dimensional quality of the single color satin stitching design will ensure your design is never flat looking, even in a single tone! See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Color Inspirations – Crimson & Frost

Add a touch of cool elegance with this Crimson and Frost color inspiration.

During this season, it’s easy to get lost in either reds or greens or all the cold colors of the season. But winter is still working its way upon us, and in this transitional season, let a touch of radiant color bloom through your colder tones with this Crimson & Frost color scheme. Icy tones can be your main focus, but let winter leave a little color yet untouched by frost. See how it compares to the original.

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Color Inspirations – Sand & Aqua

Try this Sand & Aqua color scheme out on your embroidery designs for a bright, Caribbean feel to your projects.

Life’s a beach! Sometimes you don’t need an off-the-wall or unexpected color scheme. The gorgeous hues of the ocean are always a good place to find inspiration, especially with already beachy designs! With this Sand & Aqua color scheme, super bright blues bring to mind the waters of the Caribbean, which is never a bad thing. Keep your blues bright and let everything else sit in a neutral tone of sand. See how it compares to the original.

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