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Pay It Forward – New Freebie & Contest!

Today, I’ve very excited to share a special project we’ve been scheming up that’s very near and dear to my heart. We’re calling it a Pay It Forward Freebie, and it’s all about using your craft to do a little good for our local animals in need.

Let’s get to the embroidery goodness first… this project  comes with a shiny new freebie (through 8/28/11), all about supporting rescue animals.

Click on the image to go to the freebie!

This design is available for free from now through Aug. 28, 2011. Now, I know giving you free designs is nothing new, but we hope with this one, us giving something free to you will inspire you to give to someone else.

Specifically, little furred, striped, spotted or scaled someone elses. Because they could really use a little help.

Before I explain the full contest, let me explain a little of the back story.

This idea was inspired by a lot of things, but the one that certainly inspired me the most is that little wet furball pictured up there. That was my little dog Keefer, and he passed away two years ago. Keefer was a lot of things. He was a neurotic dog, a food-lover, a hater of bubbles (long story), a snorer, a crazy furball and a totally lovable fuzzbutt. He was also a rescue.

Since he’s passed, I have not yet found the space in my life for another dog, but I still love the idea of getting involved with local animals, and seeing what I can do to help find them happy homes until the day I can take one home myself.

So, that’s what I figure I would try and do. Armed with our new rescue design, I stitched up a couple of cute little bandanas…

…grabbed my camera, and headed to my local shelter.

I know some of you who saw my sneak peek on facebook last week, and in your comments, were trying to  guess what this project was about. I had to laugh when a couple of people asked if I was giving away the dog. You want him? Ladies and gents, this adorable little dog can be all yours.

Meet Sport.

Sport is Adopted!

He is a total and utter clown, and was seriously a joy to photograph.

Sport is Adopted!

I mean, really, that tongue? Too cute.

Sport is a 10-month-old hound mix puppy, and he’s currently available to take home and smile like that at you all the time.

By the way, you can click on any dog’s name or photo to go to their profile page on the Humane Society’s website for more information about adopting. These are all local Minnesota dogs, so you’d probably want to at least be near our area if you want to come visit.

Sport is Adopted!

Sport looked extra jaunty in his little embroidered rescue bandanna, and he knew it too.

However, not all dogs were so sure of their camera ready faces at first. This little sweetheart is Emmy, and she’s a little shy.

Emmy is Adopted!

I assured her she was a totally gorgeous dog, and she warmed up a bit.

Emmy is Adopted!

Emmy is a 3 year old Husky Cattle Dog Mix, and she just had puppies, so like anyone she’s feeling a little self conscious about her figure. But she was one of the cuddliest and most gentle dogs I saw.

Emmy is Adopted!

She really is gorgeous, isn’t she? I have such a soft spot for Husky type dogs, and she really stole my heart. It was hard to get a photo of her sometimes because she kept coming up for a cuddle.

Lydia is Adopted!!

Speaking of cuddly, that little one you saw up top is Lydia, a three month old Hound Boxer mix.

Lydia is Adopted!!

Lydia was a quiet but happy puppy, who was perfectly content to sit in someones arms and just be cuddled.  She has a darling little face and I can just tell she’s going to grow up to be a beauty.

Lady is Adopted!

This little gal sitting so patiently for her bandana is Lady. Lady is a very very shy little dog, but a very very sweet one. Lady is looking for a very quiet, low stress home, but seriously, she has the best puppy eyes I’ve ever seen.

Lady is Adopted!

I mean seriously, how could you say no to those eyes?

Lady is Adopted!

Though she looks a little grey, Lady is just a three year old terrier mix. Hey, we all know getting a little grey doesn’t mean anything. She’s just more cultured. She’s also a very well behaved dog, but will need a little extra love to come out of her shell.

Pete is Adopted!

Shyness is totally not an issue with this dog. This big black ball of joy is Pete, and he has a truly excellent smile.

Pete is Adopted!

See? Isn’t that a great smile?

Pete is a very energetic three year old Lab Retriever mix, and while he was quite bounding and playful most of the time, he was also quite happy to settle down and sit still for photos as long as someone was scratching his ears.

Pete is Adopted!

Pete would probably love a home where his ears get scratched all the time.  C’mon, look at those ears. I promise they’re as fuzzy and soft as they look! Pete also was a big fan of trying to lick my camera. Maybe he just liked the way he looked in the lens.

OK, so I know a lot of you aren’t local, or maybe just not quite ready to be able to take care of a new addition to the family, whether it be dog, cat or bunny. Or maybe you already have a rescue animal in your home that you love and adore. You don’t need to take home a furball to help them out. You can help out local animals anywhere you are.

Here’s where the neat contest part comes in!

From now until Aug 28, (the same time the freebie is available) download this design in machine embroidery and/or hand embroidery formats, and use it to do some good in your local rescue community! Then all you need to do is submit a photo of how you used the design to show a little puppy love (or kitty, bunny, rat, or whatever) and you’ll automatically be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from Urban Threads!

Not sure what kinds of things you can do? Here are a couple of ideas!

  • Have your own rescue animal? Make ’em a toy, a bandanna, or even a hoodie with the design, and show that you’re supporting your own rescue animal with a little love!
  • Stitch or print it on a tee to show your support for rescue animals.
  • Stitch it on some goods and sell them to raise money for your local shelter!
  • Make some goods for your local shelter volunteers to show you appreciate their work. Shirts, buttons, bandanas, hats…
  • Make a care package of goods that shelters are always in need of… leashes, toys, blankets, food, add the design to them or print it on a tag and donate your gift package to a grateful local organization.
  • Donate your skills! Do what I did and make some cute bandannas, go take pretty photos of your local adoptable animals, and give the photos to the shelter. Maybe those cute photos will help find someone a home!
  • Make some goods for your shelter that they can sell at their own fundraising events. Shirts, keychains, anything! If you’re extra crafty with a machine you can probably even personalize it with the organization’s name.
  • Those are just a few of the many things you can do with the design! Just remember though, the one thing you may not do is actually sell or trade the digital file. If someone wants to download it, please point them here!

Once you’ve done your good deed, just upload your photo to the UrbanThreads flickr pool and tag it rescue, or e-mail it in to A winner will be chosen at random from all the people who have submitted photos. Together, we’ll all get a personal reward for our good deeds, and one lucky crafter will get a big $50 gift certificate reward for their good deeds.  Everybody wins!

So get crafting for a good cause, Urban Threadsters — your deadline to enter is Aug 28. Together we can do a little good in the world!