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Cross Stitched Skillet

If you were a follower of the old, old blog (you know, the one that no one read) you might have already seen the work of Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene when it popped up in our flickr group. Severija is a fabulous textile artist who specializes in cross stitching on the previously un-stitchable, most notably metal objects like skillets (as above), pans, irons and even cars.

Well Colossal was nice enough to point out there’s a fabulous interview with her today over on Don’t Panic. Check out some behind the scenes and more images over on the post.

C’mon, you really really want to know what it’s like to embroider a car.

DIY Cross Stitch Everything

I might becoming a little paranoid about this after too much internet lurking, but I swear little embroidery gnomes are going all around the design world and punching little holes in things to embroider everything. Seriously, after featuring this embroidered cuff last year, I’ve been seeing cross stitch-able items all over the darn place…

Stitch light from LampGustaf

Embroiderable iphone case from Connect Design

Embroiderable pendants from Panduro Hobby

Embroidered furniture from Gan Rugs

DIY cross stitch cup from Industreal

Embroidery artists have long been drilling holes into things to embroider the previously un-stitchable, like this example or this one, but now companies are just saying “the heck with it” and drilling holes in their own darn stuff. No home decor or accessory item is safe. Anyone else spotted those wayward gnomes drilling into something else I missed?