UT Coloring Contest Finalists

*UPDATE – Voting is closed! Winners coming soon*

It’s time… all through the month of May you Threadsters were playing with this design, in order to create your own colorful masterpieces for Urban Threads 5th Birthday Coloring Contest. Well the entries are in, and the top 5 finalists in each category have been chosen! First, our top colorful entries stitched up by an embroidery machine…

Machine Embroidery Finalists


This dark and broody black and red sparkle creation was made by Miriam.


This classic soft rainbow scheme entry was stitched up by Vicki.


This coloring contest entry is by Juliane, inspired by yummy coffee and chocolate.


This bright and bold coloring entry makes great use of a light colored outline, stitched up by inartwork.


This neon inspired coloring contest entry was stitched up by Cornelia.

All those crazy colors! What fun 🙂 Are you ready to vote? Take a good long look at each of these colorful designs, and vote for your favorite below. Voting is closed!

Katheryn De Benedictis - Create EmbroideryHand Embroidery Finalists

This blue and purple stitch-filled beauty was hand embroidered by Katheryn.


This colorful rainbow crayon-tinted creation was stitched up by April.


This hand embroidered coloring contest entry by Emily features beautiful variegated stitching on a faux wood fabric.


This coloring contest entry by Brandy features lovely running stitch outlines mixed with light washes of watercolor.

Urban Threads Color Contest

This bold and broody design was hand stitched by confident soba using lots of lovely fill stitches.

Are you ready to vote for your favorite hand embroidery entry? Second voting poll is below. Voting is closed!

A big congratulations to our 10 finalists for making it into the top 5 of their categories! Also, a big BIG thank you to ALL of you who entered. We had a lot of entries into this contest. Want to see them all? Of course you do! Check them out in the slideshow below. Thanks for helping us make our 5th Birthday extra special!Did you vote once for each category? GOOD! Voting will remain open until this Friday at noon central time, and we’ll announce the final winners in the newsletter!

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16 Responses to “UT Coloring Contest Finalists”

  1. 1
    Ysabet says:

    Gorgeous! I particularly like April’s work– clever of her to use crayons, of all things.

  2. 2
    Pam Donnelly says:

    Miriam and Brandy

  3. 3
    Cecily says:

    all of them are awesome and so difficult to choose which one I thought was best; really wish I had particpated this year, but I’m in a time crunch right now…maybe next year

  4. 4
    Dee says:

    They are ALL fantastic! Great work everyone!

  5. 5
    Barb Porter says:

    Congratulations are in order for everyone who participated. All of the designs were so beautiful it was hard to choose a favorite. Such displays of talent. WOW!.

  6. 6
    fiona bahr says:

    Miriam and Brandy

  7. 7
    Kathleen Joslyn says:

    Miriam and Brandy take my votes, since I cannot choose two of each.
    Great job ladies.

  8. 8
    Kristi says:

    Katheryn’s is stunning! The embroidery is flawless. So much attention to detail. A truly beautiful piece 🙂

  9. 9
    Nadine says:


  10. 10
    Tricia says:

    They are all smashing! 🙂 I especially adore Miriam’s Version … all gloomy and sparkly, yet elegant! *nom*

  11. 11
    DeForest says:

    Miriam’s takes the cake for Cat. 1, but I don’t think Brandy’s is the best for Cat. 2. I think that the stitching, although well done, is rather clunky and contradicts the soft water colors. April’s has gotten my vote! The solid stitch is a very smooth outline and really makes the vibrant crayon pop quite nicely! So… Votes go to Miriam and April.

  12. 12
    Lisa McNeil says:

    I love April’s in the hand embroidery section! Beautiful colors!

  13. 13
    michelle Ford-copley says:

    I couldn’t find the place to vote for 2nd category =( I thought ALL were gorgeous in their own right!

  14. 14
    Lisa says:

    The poll for the Hand Embroidery voting isn’t showing up, there’s just a big white box… yikes!

  15. 15
    Lindsay says:

    I love the coffee one by Juliane. Can’t seem to vote for it no matter how much I refresh and popups are disabled. The hand embroidery poll loaded. Voted successfully in that one. Sigh. I am in loooove with the watercolor tinting. I may have to try that.

  16. 16
    karen says:

    Love the contest! Keep them up!

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