Free Firebird Wallpaper for April


Waiting for your April wallpaper? It’s finally here! Our April here in Minnesota has been super drab and snowy, and so it just seemed right bring out a bright and bold Firebird to celebrate the hopefully coming spring! Maybe you already have spring, you lucky ducks. We just got like a foot of snow here…

So, we transformed this design into a gorgeous and lush wallpaper design that’s available in the usual formats for your computer desktop, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or Android phone.  Just click the buttons below to download and load onto your device. Don’t fret if you have a different kind of phone or device, one of these is sure to work :)

Enjoy, and hope your spring is a little brighter than ours!

button_desktop(1920 by 1200 px)

button_iphone4(640 by 960 px)

button_iphone5(640 by 1130 px)

button_ipad(1024 by 1024 px)

button_android(480 by 640 px)

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