Get The Look – Versace Embroidered Jeans


I’m starting to notice a trend here. Gold embroidery is very hot right now. Glittery stitches on dark backgrounds seem to be where it’s at, like with these $2,150 embroidered Versace jeans from over at Moda Operandi. Very chic, but wowza what a price tag!


The embroidery is bold and the scrolling shapes are perfectly suited to add that extra dash of glam to these rocker jeans. So how can you get inspired by this look for a lot less? Well, you just need to be brave enough to rip open a pair of jeans at the inside seam, that’s all…


You see, the new blackthorn designs would be perfect for this. Elegant and light stitching, the similar swirling shapes would look lovely cascading down a pair of jeans, especially of course, the Blackthorn Cascade design. In this instance, bigger means bolder, so those of you lucky enough to have a big hoop can make an equally large statement.

Start with a pair of slim fitting black jeans, and split them open at the inside seam, so you can lay a large part of the upper leg flat. I’d recommend placing your design towards the front of the leg, as trying to embroider over the heavy side seam may not make you and your machine good friends. Use a gold colored or metallic gold thread to sew out the design, and then mirror and repeat on the other side.


Stitch your inside seam back up, and you’re done! A plain pair of jeans get a glam update that’s easy to do as long as you’re handy with a seam ripper. Don’t want to go as bold? Try a tone-on-tone look that’s classy but a little more subdued.

If you want, add some gold studs to the bottom of your jeans and rock it with a pair of killer heels. You’re ready for a night out!

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11 Responses to “Get The Look – Versace Embroidered Jeans”

  1. 1
    Christine Magruder says:

    The DIY looks classier to me. I’m over 60, but love the look of embroidered jeans. I think I will try the tone on tone look first, then see if I get up the courage to go for the gold.

  2. 2
    Gerda Taarning says:

    I owe my thanks to a friend who showed me your beautiful embroideries. Thank you!

  3. 3
    Carol Loughlin says:

    OMG how simple it is to get a really stunning pair of jeans!

  4. 4
    Rosa says:

    I love this! You always have such cute, trendy ideas. I’m going to find some great skinny jeans to try this out with. Keep up the great work!


  5. 5
    MaryAnn Fedewa says:

    The DIY design is so much better for older women who still want to look classy. I just did a new dark denim jeans with small shields from knee to ankle. Looks classy.

  6. 6

    Soooooo love your designs! Am going to do this in hot pink for when I ride in the Ride4Recovery 2013 next month from Cape Town to Plettenburg Bay. PS I don’t ride a bicycle…I ride a Harley… and I’m 52!! Hahaha!

  7. 7
    Pamj says:

    Finally something new and different, I like it. Starting a new trend

  8. 8
    Claire V says:

    These are so awesome! Now if I just had LEGS like that…

  9. 9

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  10. 10

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