Get The Look – Mango Beaded Shoulders Top

This little beaded number is certainly more affordable than our last fashion inspiration, but with an original price of $80 for this Mango Beaded Top, we can still get something gorgeous and similar with a little DIY ingenuity, even if it’s a touch more thread than beads.

So, how do you get the sophisticated look of this embellished shoulder top? Easy…

Start with a plain black tee. Try and find a softer cotton so that it drapes nicely like the original tee. Cut up both sides of your shirt, starting at the side seams and going all the way up the bottom of the sleeves. This will let you open your tee flat and easily hoop the sleeves.

Layer a light and airy piece like this Delicate design on top of itself in golden metallic threads. A lighter stitching design like this one will let you layer without much problem. Drape the design all across the shoulder and sleeve.

When your embroidery is finished, stitch the sides of your tee closed again, and then cut a lower, wider loop out of the collar for a more flattering neckline. You may find yourself trimming some of your embroidery. That’s ok! Fold the raw edge of that seam under and re-sew the raw edge. If you like, you can even hand stitch some small gold bead accents to your embroidery for an added touch of glimmer.

From a plain black tee to a glamorous top for a night out, all it takes are a few snips and some embroidery. Looking great is easy and affordable when you’re crafty!

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2 Responses to “Get The Look – Mango Beaded Shoulders Top”

  1. 1
    timewrinkler says:

    This is a great idea! I love that I can come here for lots of inspiration. Great job on this..looks terrific!

  2. 2
    Julia says:

    Wow, great idea!

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