Tutorial – Framed Pincushion

My personal project list these days is made up pretty much exclusively of things that involve ornate frames. Bulletin boards, chalkboards, mirrors, you name it. (Here’s hoping for a good garage sale season…) Add this project to the must-do list: a vintage framed pincushion. This tutorial by Beach Vintage uses an old embroidered hankie, but it’d be awesome with some of your own brand-new hand-stitchin’. It’d even work with machine embroidery if you choose a design that’s very light-stitching and open. Love love love! Via Craft.

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2 Responses to “Tutorial – Framed Pincushion”

  1. 1
    irene says:

    Now THAT is a really a cute & beautiful idea! 😀

  2. 2
    Metanoia says:

    How gorgeous!

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