365 Lucky Days Complete!

In case you weren’t following it, Lucky Jackson’s epic project 365 Lucky Days came to a final conclusion last week. She stitched a new piece every day for 365 days, and I’m not just talking a little stitch exercise.┬áThese things are amazing. I’ve pulled out just a few of my favorite examples below…

day 16

day 57 (I think I love you)

day 103/365

day 148

day 235

If you’ve never heard of this project before, you’re in for a treat. Seriously, it’s like finding a new favorite series on Netflix and then watching all 7 seasons at once (you know you’ve done it.)

You have 365 gorgeous embroidery pieces you can now gander at all at once, so go have a peek at her blog to hear about the lessons she learned from this epic project and see more, or just gaze in wonder at them all on her flickr page. Be sure to leave her a big hearty congrats on the amazing work she did!

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