Karina Thompson’s Digital Stitching

I’m so in love with the post over on Mr X Stitch today, featuring the work of  Karina Thompson and her digital stitchings. Karina has been a textile artist for 20 years, but she eventually became involved with machine embroidery technology, and the results are incredible. From Karina,

Imagery or text is initially cleaned up and edited in Photoshop before being uploaded in to Pfaff’s 5D software. Here the embroidery can be programmed and further changes made. I use a Pfaff Creative Vision machine to stitch work out. I am particularly keen to challenge the way both the software and hardware suggest the embroidery is created.

“This technology is allowing me to build imagery in a way that I never expected. It feels like the possibilities are endless.”

It’s so exciting to see this technology get into the hands of more and more artists, and Karina’s work is simply incredible. Though machine embroidery is still mostly seen as an industry trade, I hope that one day machine embroidered art can be as common as digital art is now. There are so many amazing things to be done with it!

See more of her work over on the X Stitch post, or visit her website gallery for more inspiration.

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