New Chakra & Mendhika Collection

Today we’re very excited to introduce two brand new collections, the Chakra Collection and Mendhika Collection.  Inspired by eastern designs and themes, both series are light stitching and delicate, perfect for garments and light summer wear. These designs are available for all hoop sizes and in hand embroidery formats as well.

Plus they’re all on sale for a limited time, now through July 22nd 2012 at midnight! Take a peek at the latest threads…

The new Chakra collection includes the 7 chakra symbols in a small 4×4 and extra small 2×2 size, using light running stitch detail that makes these perfect for adding to tanks, tees and workout wear.  These designs are available individually or as a pack.

Light stitching and elegant, the Mendhika designs were inspired by eastern Henna patterns and mixed with modern influences and gorgeous ombre effects. Each design transitions beautifully using a three color effect, both intricate and delicate at the same time.

These designs are perfect for both apparel and home decor projects, as the running stitch style keeps them lighter than ordinary solid stitching designs or satin effects. You still get all the beautiful detail, without all the density.

Grab them individually or as a pack, and stitch them on pillows to add some eastern elegance to any room, or make yourself a set of the coolest custom embroidered yoga wear to make all your workout buddies jealous.

Long winding border designs look fantastic when repeated in a row, and winged dragonfly and butterfly designs can be stitched with just the wings to let shirts and tanks take flight. Remember, all these designs are available as hand embroidery patterns too! Grab these designs on sale here while you can (ending July 22nd) because there’s always room in your life for a little more elegance.

Psstt…Love the look of these designs? Wait till you see what we did with them for our latest UT Lab collaboration, coming next week! Want to see past collaborations? Click here!

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2 Responses to “New Chakra & Mendhika Collection”

  1. 1
    Lindsay says:

    These would be so fun to hand embroider!

  2. 2
    Kathleen says:

    Love them……….it is a real shame that my hoop is a 6 bij 10 inch…… the large pack I will miss out on the peacock……but they are really nice!!!

    Will you be including a 6 x 10 desig as well??

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