The Summer of Steampunk – Two New Steampunk Collections

You got a sneak peek at it before, but now you can finally see it all…

Today we’re launching two brand Steampunk collections! You guys always seem to love anything Steampunk, and we thought it time to bring along another one… or another two. We took inspiration from a lot of places for this series, combining Steampunk with some other traditional art styles and motifs to bring you something totally unique. Plus for a limited time, both these series are on SALE as part of our Summer of Steampunk event! So let’s have a peek at the new collections…


Mechanica Aquatica

Inspired by underwater motifs and the elegance of Art Nouveau, this delicate but steampunky series is sure to delight gear fans and art lovers alike. We combined out popular scribble outline style with some beautiful shading effects for a look that is a little bit shimmer and a little bit ethereal.  Of course we didn’t leave the steampunk part out, gears and goggles abound, with a delicate Steampunk Art Nouveau motif running in the background throughout.

The name Mechanica Aquatica was actually chosen by our facebook fans, who voted on their favorite name before they even saw the series. We hope it lives up to the awesome title!

You got a peek at her before, but our Steampunk mermaid is worth a second look.

Of course you can’t do Steampunk and underwater without an Octopus, rocking his gear goggles and generally looking cool with his subtle shading effects. He looks especially sweet stitched on the back of a jacket or shawl.

An elegant clockwork seahorse floats effortlessly in a background of delicate Nouveau swirls. Try combining different colors in the body to create truly iridescent like results.

Ok, I admit, after drawing this one, I had “We all live in a Steampunk Submarine…” floating through my head the rest of the day, though designing a mechanical jellyfish does help to distract one.

Finally, float through the seas with this Steampunk fish border, beautifully repeatable for the hem of dresses or tees. All six designs will help you bring your stitches to 20,000 leagues and beyond, while still showcasing your favorite steampunk style.


Western Steampunk

Looking for Steampunk with a little more attitude? We go from the deepest depths to the wildest Wests with this new Western Steampunk series. Gun toting, top hat wearing skulls are just a taste of the dusty western attitude in store. Whether you’re into cowboy boots or goggles, this new series is sure to find it’s way onto your best western threads.

A perfect piece to rock across the back of blazers or corsets, showcase some gunslinger creds with this awesome skull design.

With borders or small accent designs, these stitches are perfect for apparel decor, along jacket sleeves or hems, or on pockets and tops. Bold black outlines set off the main designs, while western motifs and gears stitch lightly in the background.

These designs are perfect for making a big, bold, steampunky statement, and your western shirts will never be the same.

So whether it’s subtle underwater Art Nouveau elegance, or the bold and bad motifs of the wild west, there’s no reason for you to abandon your favorite Steampunk style.

So start your season off with gears aplenty, and grab these guys ON SALE as part of our Summer of Steampunk celebration!  Click the banner above to visit the sale, but don’t wait too long, because it only lasts now through June 17th!

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7 Responses to “The Summer of Steampunk – Two New Steampunk Collections”

  1. 1
    Kathleen says:

    So cool!!
    Bought one of the packs…..
    Love them!!!!!

  2. 2
    Shannon says:

    Very cool designs. No hand stitching options? Boo! 🙂

  3. 3
    Rebecca says:

    Steampunk meets the Wild West, oh you guys are so very awesome. Thank you!

  4. 4

    Want the seahorse design… it will look really good on my son’s towel :))

  5. 5
    Sally says:

    I would love to do these as cross stitch, I don’t do embroidery and there isn’t much choice in the steampunk category for cross stitching.

    They are absolutely fantastic.

  6. 6

    Many thanks very useful. Will certainly share website with my pals

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