Craftster Find – Octopus of DOOM!!

Check out this awesome double hoop duel! I am so in love with all of this… the appliqué bursting from the hoop, the nomming of the pirates, the color transitions on the fabric (the color of the deep and the lighter of the ocean…wowza)

…and check out the ship!

Yo Ho Ho Ho...

That is some amazingly clean stitching on our little pirate ship.  In case you’re wondering how on earth she got the octopus, the hoops, the stitching even the standing tentacles to work together, he’s a little explanation from the post:

1) I used the wonderful tutorial by onegroovyday for the backs doing the octopus head first and half of the ship then stitching the tentacles on and finishing the ship’s background.  There was a lot of flailing around… and many many pin pricks.  But I’m clumsy like that. 2) I wove some wire into the tentacles to keep them up.

...a pirate's life for-AAGHHH!

Love it. Check out more detail shots and background on her post.

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2 Responses to “Craftster Find – Octopus of DOOM!!”

  1. 1
    Vicky says:

    This is great! Awesome artistic use of design and material.

  2. 2
    melissa says:

    thanks so much for featuring me guys! love your designs! <3 melissa aka honeyd

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