Craftiness in Design & Decor

I recently came across this “On the Button” Sewing Box from ModCloth, and I was smitten! I immediately began scheming about what birthday or occasion was closest that I might subtly (or not so subtly) hint at a present idea. Sadly, I have yet to come up with a good reason. Still, what an adorable piece of craftiness to liven up your crafting space!

…and I’ve noticed, not only is DIY and handmade making a mark in the world of goods, but it’s inspiring non-crafting goods to look a little… well, craftier! Check out how sewing, embroidery, and crafting in general have snuck into the design world with some super cute effects.

Adorable spool-style hooks from Pottery Barn. They kinda look like they wouldn’t be all that hard to make yourself, either…

Amazing and colorful cross stitch wallpaper from Studio Rita.

Want to really super-size your crafting? Check out this spool side table from Ballard Designs. This would be so awesome tucked away in the corner of your sewing room.

Wear your craftiness with pride? Check this “Made to Measure” bracelet from ModCloth. If you’re one of those people who walks around with a tape measure strung around your person all the time, you might as well make it official (and classy!)

Yup, crafting is even creeping into typography, with this awesomely named Goodbye Crewel World font.

Taking ordinary crafting supplies and super sizing them in wood seems to be a real trend, like this wood button wall art from Pottery Barn. I even have an over sized wooden scissors in my cube from Target. Now we just need a big wooden needle and we’ve got the start of a giant’s crafting studio…

Have you spotted handmade realted goods out there in the design world? Any great finds? Share them in the comments! I can already see some great gift ideas for crafty folk here…

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One Response to “Craftiness in Design & Decor”

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    CASharp says:

    What is it about things made big that is so darned appealing? I’ve been loving the big tools in Potteery Barn for a long time…big paint brushes, big scissors. Love your crazy big buttons and spools. It may be time to redecorate.

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