Featured Project- The Wonderland Quilt

Today’s featured project came to us in a fleeting glimpse one day in a flickr roundup, and passed without another mention. That was a terrible shame. This quilt was simply too gorgeous to let by without comment, so we found its creator, Tuesday, and asked her to share a few more details (and exclusive photos!) with us about this wonderful whimsical Wonderland Quilt.

I wonder if there are any more “w” words I’m overlooking here. Wistful? Wise? Wow-inducing?

Now I’m just reaching. I’ll go grab my thesaurus and get back to you. In the meantime, let’s let Tuesday tell us a bit about what went in to this creation…

Talk about what inspired this. What’s the story behind this quilt? How did it get started?

The Alice designs on your site inspired me to make this quilt and transform my bedroom into an Alice in Wonderland theme. I feel that as you are dreaming you are entering through the looking glass into another realm.

What embroidery designs did you use? How did you go about designing it?

I wanted the quilt to be light in color to set off the embroidery designs (which I just love), with the designs in brown and pink and pink satin squares to soften and add visual interest.

I also used other designs from Urban Threads that I thought would go with my overall design. I chose the unicorn emblem and the necklace to add a bit of fun whimsy.

Talk us through the process. How long did it all take?

I made the quilt from white linen on point, which means all the squares are turned to form a diamond pattern for the background. I then began by sitting at my embroidery machine all afternoon (at that time I only had a simple Singer Futura which you had to watch closely in case of any thread breaks) and proceeded to make all the designs for the quilt (around 35 in total) with a few remakes due to thread breakage.

I embroidered the designs on a heavier (same color) lightweight muslin, then cut out all the designs leaving a ragged edge which leaves a nice fray as it is washed.  I placed them randomly but aesthetically all over, but thought it still needed more flair, so I came up with adding squares of linen, muslin, and satin at different angles and on top of one another to add a layered effect.

I then used the fancy stitches from my machine to go around all the squares so they look like they were patched on, and made a circular pattern on all the satin squares.  It gives them textural interest as well as feeling really cool to the touch! I sewed all the designs down with a simple straight stitch, going around the edges and tacking down in a few key areas so they were left puffy but secure.

I decided to use a brown flannel geometric print for the back which would keep with the whimsical aspect and match, especially since you would be seeing it on the binding on the front of the quilt as well . Then on to the quilting machine it went with a lightweight batting in the middle. I quilted the main body with a random stippling effect and quilted each square following the edges to the center.

I was at the thrift store later when lo and behold I saw someone had taken the fringe off a bedspread and was for sale for 99 cents (what a find!). I thought it was perfect for the Alice quilt. I came home and sewed the fringe on and it was perfect.

I placed the quilt on my bed and thought it just needed a little something, so I made a matching pillow the same way as I had made the quilt, with a larger design of “Drink Me” in the center, and matching fringe as the final touch. 

The quilt is layered over a deep purple velvet bedspread which peeks out from around the edge. This quilt has started my bedroom on a wonderful transformation –  fun, romantic and with a touch of whimsy. I am a very determined sewer so the quilt only took 2 weeks to make!

Everyone who has seen it just loves it. 

Any challenges along the way? What advice would you give someone trying a similar project?

I never see a problem, just a different avenue!

Looking back though, I might have made it a little bigger as it is only full size. The only advice I would give is let your imagination run wild, have fun and if something goes a different direction go with it and make it your own.

What’s your next project going to be?

I have many projects in the works all the time as I am a painter, quilter and designer. Right now I have a Mad Hatter quilt in the works, with the hatter in the center of the quilt (at 3 feet tall) with a gorgeous pieced background and butterflies flitting around him. I also have a dragonfly quilt in the works and many more.

I make quilts for friends and family and also to sell, they are truly a piece of my heart.

What a truly gorgeous creation, Tuesday! A quilt like that in only two weeks, that has to be some sort of record. I love that it feels so perfectly contemporary yet traditional all at the same time, and looks so cozy and textural with all those layers and dimension. The perfect quilt to wrap up in and get lost in a good book I think.

By the way, a Wonderland themed bedroom? Yes please…

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14 Responses to “Featured Project- The Wonderland Quilt”

  1. 1
    Cathy Cattle says:

    Your work Tuesday is phenominal! Love the looks you captured through the looking glass!

  2. 2
    QuirkyKim says:

    Wow! Truly a work of “heart” AND ART! This is so whimsical and fun, and very special. Wonderful, and i was happy to read of your process, too.

  3. 3
    susana quilts says:

    Amazing! What a treasure you’ve created! It’s gorgeous!

  4. 4
    Rebeccah says:

    You have offered a whole new view ‘down the rabbit hole.’

  5. 5
    ang says:

    Very nice!!

  6. 6
    Richard says:

    this quilt is awsome.

    you should check out her website http://www.horsehaircreek.com

    alot of fabulous works of art

  7. 7
    Tammy says:

    Wow! I am so in love with Alice in Wonderland. I was contemplating what to do with all of those designs. My room is in black, white, red, and gray, so I think I might borrow on your idea. Wonderfully inventive, Tuesday!

  8. 8
    Debbie says:

    Absolutely Amazing!! You really thought outside the box (literally!)and made a beautiful piece of art! I can’t stop looking at it! Thank you for giving my imagination a kick-start!

  9. 9
    Sherry says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Love the so unique design. Great work

  10. 10
    Marie says:

    This is beautiful! Absolutely amazing, what a wonderful creative and imagination. This is truly a work of art.

  11. 11
    DebbieB says:

    love this quilt! It’s so cute! I think this is great to give others ideas whereas they may not have thought to do this. Great project idea!Thanks for sharing.

  12. 12
    Carolyn Brown says:

    Just a beautiful work of art, what a privilege to see your creativity. Thank you.

  13. 13
    marion says:

    WOW what a great job you have done, im still a learner and trying to make allsorts of quilts.Making an Owl one at the moment,Love to get ideas from everyone,keep up the good work would love to see more of your designs. marion

  14. 14
    Chere says:

    I love the Wonderland designs and the quilt shows them off perfectly. I love the various techniques that you used, especially cutting around the edges of the designs adn allowing them to fray as well as the appliqued and stitched squares. Great creative work.

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