Urban Threads Ink

Check out this awesome new ink from Urban Threadster Laurel!

She used our Shoulder Swallows design to stitch this beautiful tattoo on the back of her neck. I think this is a really gorgeous rendition of these designs.

Laurel isn’t the first UT fan to get inked. I thought it high time to do a quick roundup of all the Urban Threads inspired ink we’ve had come in since we started making designs…

Urban Threadster Amanda got a gorgeous mix of our steampunk koi and earth mother.

Urban Threadster Becky went under the gun to get this gorgeous stitchy creation. Isn’t she such a doll? Incidentally, this same design was used recently to be turned into a real life doll!

Flickr user Terryboc used our flourish design to take her wolf, representing her father, and her horse, representing her mother, and tie it all together.

steampunk butterfly tattoo

Jacqueline got this sweet steampunk tattoo, based on the steampunk butterfly design.

pirate captain's UT tattoo (really)

Cap’n Linda with her favorite UT skully, based on our Celtic Skull design. Seriously, she’s a pirate captain. She even has a matching flag.

Craft or Die tattoo

Finally, Annie got the tattoo-style Craft or Die design as an actual tattoo on her arm. I just adore the colors in this one.

*EDIT* – We have a new one!

Earth Mother Tattoo

Heather loved the Earth Mother design so much, she got this gorgeous tattoo inspired by it. I love the interpretation by the tattoo artist.

Got an Urban Threads tattoo of your own? Share a photo — we’d love to see!

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7 Responses to “Urban Threads Ink”

  1. 1
    Rebecca says:

    Gorgeous tattoos one and all and they are making me itch to go and get another one myself!

  2. 2
    Heat says:

    Beautiful! I just got my own UT inspired tat yesterday! I’m loving it!

  3. 3

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