Vintage Inspiration

Embroidered silk dress from 1904, part of the collection from the Met Museum. Sometimes, it really pays to look at the history of your art to really see what it can all be about. It’s a pale comparison, but I’m pretty sure this is what I was trying to get at with the Baroque Punk series. Stitch direction can be so stunning.

via pinterest

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4 Responses to “Vintage Inspiration”

  1. 1
    Anke de Wolff says:

    wouw so beautiful!!

  2. 2
    Debbie MacKenzie says:

    That is simply stunning. It must have been incredible to wear something so beautiful.

  3. 3
    Janet Comby says:

    Gorgeousness! Thanks so much for sharing this treasure!

  4. 4
    Jan B says:

    Exquisite. Splendid. Scrumptious. Etc.
    I would love to see some designs from UT that reference the Baroque without the punk or steampunk. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Baroque Punk (and ADORE all of UT) but I think there could be a niche there for gorgeous designs with less ‘genre’ to them…I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks for the beautiful image!

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