Flickr Roundup

Caitlin here with another roundup of goods from our flickr pool! Here’s the loot from my treasure hunt through the projects…

read! bookmark

This piece of hand embroidery by daisyeyes is inspiring! I like to be motivated by my bookmarks.  I think she’s been reading about woodworking.

Happy Mochi Yum Yum Needle Power goes to Haiti

Globetrotting embroidery by Wished, True and Kind, straight to you all the way from Grace Village in Haiti. The colorful pieced background, in front of Haitian palm trees makes me extra happy.

sewing machine dust cover

Knittychrissy stitched this dust cover for her 30’s Singer sewing machine. New high tech stitching fights dust for an old school friend.

Cupcake apron

FabulouslyFierce‘s Cupcake Apron! It’s so pink and delicious!

Dragonfly Mini Top Hat

StoriedThreads took this tiny lace top hat to the next level! The dragonfly accents are winning me over big time.


Roller derby awesomeness by Vana G!

Red Fox Framed Hand Embroidery

Meri Greenleaf created this multimedia art piece using melted wax crayons, and some precision hand embroidery. Who wouldn’t delight in having a winking fox living somewhere in their home?


Laundry bag embroidery by Noordermeer1. When the bag is full, it might be a bright idea to do the laundry! I apparently like all sorts of motivational embroidery.

my winter crown

Creations By Dawn and her winter crown! Sparkles and embroidery! A winning combo!

Baroque Punk Denim Jacket

We were all very impressed with how quickly this Baroque Punk Jacket by Giliell was turned out! The colored thread choices really bring the motifs to life. See more shots of the jacket in the flickr pool. Bravo!

Keep the craftiness coming! I am looking forward to seeing all the goodies you create and share with us on our flickr group.  Spectacular embroidery makes the world a better place.

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to!

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    aimee says:

    thanks for the kudos! it was actually a bookmark for my dad who has been reading nothing but books about the Indian Wars…I unfortunately only own a huge library of woodworking books (via the husband) Thanks again! It was a ton of fun to stitch!

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