A Very Stitchy Halloween

The Halloween Contest is officially over, and thanks to all who entered! If there was a theme to this years entries, it would be Steampunk Lace Mustaches.  Which now that I’ve said it, someone will probably request steampunk lace mustaches. I have no idea what those might look like. Damn.

Want to see some of my favorites? Of course you do… cause they’re uummaazing.



This Steampunky Marie Antoinette stunner is by Liddy from Holland. This is such a “WOW”, I can’t believe it!

Lots of steampunky embroidery (get a load of that giant steampunk heart) complete with Kraken-inspired headdress. I’m thinking we need to know more about this costume. Perhaps a new featured project?

Cuteness overload.

Hannah (age 4) wanted to be “steampunk and someone who turns things into gold” for Halloween. Her mum taught her the word “alchemist” and made this costume for her, with a belt full of test tubes and Urban Threads embroidery designs. I’m pretty sure her magical powers come from extreme adorableness.

1-concours costume - costume contest


Running right along with more geartastic costumeness, Roxanne’s stunning costume won a prize for Best Embroidery at a Japanese anime convention in Quebec. It’s got steampunk designs all over the dress, plus she’s rocking our steampunk hat and mask.

I LOVE the colors. Pinks and browns, yummy.

Krusher The Steampunk Gentleman

Krusher The Steampunk Gentleman

You know who else is rocking everything steampunk?

This guy.

Meet Krusher the Steampunk Gentleman. Not only is he rocking the required top hat and goggles, but he’s even got a ray gun. This might just be the coolest dog ever.


Course, this guys pretty cool too.

And adorable. Maybe they can be friends. All he needs is a monocle.

Harley Quinn

I tried being Harley Quinn one year for Halloween, and it certainly wasn’t as cool as this costume from Karmine Brode. Lots of lace and big ol’ guns. Batman’s in trouble this year.


A little embroidered medallion helps rock the ring world for this elf.

Nice ears.



Miriam’s daughter wore this costume to her Halloween birthday party . She’s rocking a skull cameo on her sleeve and a lace bat in her hair.

I love it when the youngins’ go goth.



Finally, we have what must be one of the craftiest 14 year olds around, since Emma sewed and embroidered this entire costume herself.

She wrote in to tell us that she used her birthday money to buy the designs. That’s dedication! Also, I am so in love with those colors, and that fabric.

You have great things ahead of you Emma. Oh, and happy belated birthday! You put your present to good use.

Want to see all the entries? Check out the slideshow below!

Thanks for taking part crafters! We will announce the winner soon. In the meantime, it’s never too early to get started on next years costume, right?

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4 Responses to “A Very Stitchy Halloween”

  1. 1
    Karline says:

    Steampunk Lace Mustaches. Those things are all in the Instant Design Generator, yes?

  2. 2
    Adrianne says:

    Niamh, you and your customers have got to be the most creative people on the planet!! Thanks for the steady stream of inspiration!!

  3. 3
    Pam M says:

    Oh my – the costumes are totally awesome! Fell instantly in love with Krusher, but the next photo gave me the biggest laugh ever. Just love that little mustachioed whippet! Against some very steep competition, I think the winner thoroughly deserves the prize. Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful creations. We don’t “do” Halloween here in Australia so I’ve never really understood the excitement but I sure do appreciate the workmanship.

  4. 4
    Caroline Gerneglia says:

    Oh my goodness! Those costumes are wonderful and so imaginative! And well done. Can’t say enough good things about them.

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