Welcome November

I thought this beautiful creation from Plays with Needles would be a great way to kick off the chilly month of November. Halloween may be gone but the beauty of fall is still here!

via Needlework News

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3 Responses to “Welcome November”

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    joanna atilana lovato says:

    Just wanted to share with everyone that I printed out some of the stock art for one of the 92 year old “young” women here at Brookdale Place, and she LOVES IT! She is quite the talented artist herself and is always making art projects so I was hoping she would like Urban Threads. I also showed everyone in the Dining Room the Clockwork Natura Gown and they really loved it. Gown wise, they thot it was very, very elegant. They especially liked the long gloves. Now I am passing on the website address to people from eight to 108.

    • Niamh says:

      Aww thanks for that! It’s always so nice to hear, and I love that people of all ages are digging Urban Threads. It is after all, meant for everybody!

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