Flickr Roundup

Once again, a long overdue flickr roundup of awesome. Let’s proceed with the awesome…


A seaworthy pirate quilt by Susan, featuring the “The Seven Deadly Seas” design on the map in the middle. Arr me matey. Even pirates get cold.


Grönö-lamp from Ikea, decorated by Bettina with some Halloween embroidery. Yup, ikea is always better with a little embroidery.

raceday 002

Heather’s shirt for the Spartan Race, featuring the Geri and Freki design. This is the before the mud shot. Want to see after?

Octopus Bag

Lucy Bad Dog made this bag herself from some leftover grey wool and decorated it with the clockwork octopus design. I’m digging those colors.


Creations Mary Lou is up to her usual tricks with a whole load of awesome zip up bags. This little guy is perfect for storing all your pointy bits and bobs of crafting.

Bitchin' Potholder

Peachy Keen Quilts whipped up this beautiful and bitchin’ monochrome potholder for a special “pay it forward” contest she had on her blog. She made all her the people that commented on her post handmade goods!

05162011 002

Carol took the kitchen witch design and brought it to it’s natural apex by putting it on this adorable Halloween apron. I’d wear this thing year round!

Skully Stitcher Needle Cushion

I am soo in love with all the texture on this one from Caine. It looks so touchable. I also love the quality it gives the little skully, he looks like he’s all patched together.

IC 38: Black and White

I adore this combination of the damask fabric and the skull design, paired together by Waggonswest. Elegant enough to spook up your home anytime.


Think you have enough embroidery on your project? Not hardly. Morgan knows how to rock it, and OuttaMyGourd knows just how to deliver.


Finally, valentonia made this truly stunning embroidered snap cuff. I have the urge to whip one of those up right now… it doesn’t look that hard does it?

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s officially heading hard into the holiday season, and you can practically hear the sewing machines revving. To check out all the stitchy goodness, head on over to our flickr group for and eyeful, and a healthy dose of inspiration!

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to!

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2 Responses to “Flickr Roundup”

  1. 1
    Virginia T says:

    such fun creativity
    awesome quilt…

  2. 2

    Thank you for sharing! AWESOME gift you have!

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