A Machine Embroidered Halloween

It’s often the perception that the time for your embroidery machine to start humming is when the sleigh bells are near, but ladies and gents, I’m here to tell you that your machine wants to wish you a very stitchy Halloween.

That’s right, there are all kinds of occasions to stitch for this spooky holiday (at least around here) and I’ve got a roundup of some of my favorite tutorials you can try to get you sewing into the witching hour. In fact, looking through I’m amazed just how many we’ve already done. I guess we’re kinda Halloween nuts around here… here’s hoping you are too!

So, just what can your machine help you spook up this season?


How about we start with the one place that gets the most attention on Halloween night… your front door. Provided of course you’re known in the neighborhood for having the best candy. Want to make it look a treat? Stitch up some gothic lace skulls and bats and add them to this totally homemade wreath.

Monster Lights

Are your Halloween lights depressingly void of monsters? Don’t be ashamed, it’s a problem we all have now and then. Remedy your ghastly situation with something even more frightful… cheerful fuzzy monsters! Oh, the horror.

Autumn Bunting

Maybe you’re more in the spooky mood than the full on Halloween mood. Never fear, we have just the thing. How about some festive autumn bunting?

Or as I call it, a valid excuse to decorate for Halloween even though it’s still September. Not that I’m looking for excuses or anything…

Shabby Chic Garland

…if you are looking for excuses though, this is another one that fits the bill. A little Halloween, a lot of autumn, and it takes care of all those extra fabric scraps from that stash you keep denying you have.

Don’t deny it. We’re all friends here.

Glow in the Dark!

Though glow-in-the-dark thread is really quite cool anytime, there really is no better occasion than Halloween to pull this particular trick out of the bag. Or hat. Or is that a bunny? Never mind. It’s perfect for adding some spook to your threads, and great for keeping the kiddos visible at night.

Grab this tutorial for how to whip one up quick. I swear it can be done in the time it takes to carve a pumpkin. Less, if you’re like me and get all freaked out by pumkin guts and are unable to continue until the hubby comes by.

I’m not proud.

Day of the Dead Unity Candle

I’m not the only Halloween nut around here, I swear. Our digitizer D is such a Halloween nut that she got married on Halloween (that, my friends, was a cool wedding). Are you looking to get hitched this spooky season? Why not make a unity candle to suit?

This Dia de los Muertos “‘Til Death Do Us Part” candle is perfect for really any spooky event, but it might just be the thing that ties your whole theme together. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to pick this baby up at a bridal store (don’t ask, they look at you funny).

Day of the Dead Lace Mask

Speaking of Day of the Dead…

Short of a costume? No you’re not. Just stitch this lace mask quick and then dress it up for masquerade perfection. Just grab your little black dress and you’re set.

Love Sucks Valentines Bunny

You probably recognize this guy as the one responsible for spawning that army of crazy weird bunnies, and though he was originally a Valentine bunny, he’s told us secretly that his favorite holiday is Halloween. I suppose he doesn’t really make much of a secret for his distain for romance…

Still, he could be even more Halloweenified with the right designs. And he’s super fun to make. Seriously. Just look into those beady and totally bonkers little eyes. He beckons.

Gothic Lace

Lace is really always a safe bet around Halloween, especially this great design that can function as anything including a gothic choker.

Dragon hoodie

Need a quick costume? Slice and dice a hoodie, add some wings and spikes, and you have an instant costume that’s fun to tromp around in anytime. And I’m just sayin’, this ain’t just for kids.

Lace Witch Hat

Finally, you can just go classic (if in slightly miniature form) in a good ol’ witch hat. Stitch it up yourself in your own colors, and add some spooky accents. It’s certainly better than a “This IS my costume” shirt, right?

So, still think your machine isn’t up to the season? We Halloween nuts beg to differ. There’s no better time to start cooking up some embroidery black magic, than the season when it feels the strongest in the air.

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5 Responses to “A Machine Embroidered Halloween”

  1. 1
    sharon wright says:

    OMG – you guys are the coolest ! Love it !

  2. 2
    Maureen Angers says:

    Too bad Halloween is only the month of October. I sew/embroider for this holiday longer than 31 days! Yah-your sit is awesome.

  3. 3
    Happybee says:

    there are beautiful!!!!
    I have to try the autumn bunting!!!

  4. 4

    I’m more of a hand-embroiderer, but your patterns and ideas are so cute that every time I check in, I want to go out and buy a machine…


  5. 5
    Chris says:

    Your ideas are awesome. I want to make some of everything. Let’s just see how far I get!

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