Embroidered Steampunk Lace up Spats

First of all, with those four words “Embroidered Steampunk Lace-up Spats” all in one posting, you can’t possibly go wrong.

My latest retail love.

I love them for many reasons… the super cute machine embroidery (not our design btw, but steampunktastic none the less) the peekaboo lace back, the fairly reasonable price tag ($16!) and the fact that they also look totally DIY-able.

What do you think? Just spring for the under $20 price tag? Or take em’ on yourself just in time for Halloween?

Get em’ over on FanPlusFriend.


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7 Responses to “Embroidered Steampunk Lace up Spats”

  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    For a Halloween costume I would just order them for $16(due to all of the grommets on the back for the lacing). But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try my hand at making my own and really go all out! I can just see these in ivory for a steampunk bride

    • Niamh says:

      I agree, all those grommets look a little daunting! What a great idea though for a bride, I could totally see those looking so chic and steampunk in lacy white or ivory.

  2. 2
    Dar says:

    Actually I think these would be easy (save for all the grommets) if you have a short-cut mind like I do, hee, hee.
    I’m thinking you take a pair of leggings. Not the pantyhose type. They would run. Same goes for lyrca leggings, i would think. I’m talking about the ones made from stretchy t-shirt type material. These kind of leggings are also very inexpensive and you can buy them for around five to eight bucks at a store like Dollar General or Family dollar. Just have a pair in your size. Measure how high up your legs you want them and cut the legs off. Cut each leg straight up the middle of the back. Then add the grommets and lace. You could use a miriad of things to use for the ties. I think I would add a little bit of elastic on the wrong side at the top of each legging to help secure them. Who wants saggy spats? You could embroider steampunk style gears or anything on the legs after you cut them open in the back and beforee putting in the grommets. If you use leggins then you wouldn’t have to hem the bottom. Or really even the top of them for that matter. It’s tshirt material and really wouldn’t have to be hemmed at the top, especially if you going to add a little eleastic. Then it would gather slighty giving you a ruffled look and you wouldn’t need a hem.
    THis is all just off the top of my head. So you’d have to figure out the particulars. But this is a great idea and I think I’m going to make a pair.

    • Dar says:

      JUst though of another detail. If you want them to be true spats that go slightly over you shoes then pick a pair of leggings that are an inch or two too long for you. Or you could add a piece of material taken from the top of the leggings you cut off and sew it slightly gathered at the bottom to match the slight gathering at the top of the spat from using the elastic.

      • Niamh says:

        Wow! Well now you HAVE to make em, you’ve thought them through so well 🙂 Do post pictures if you do!!

        • Dar says:

          Well, lol, I guess maybe I do have to make them now. It’s weird, but as soon as I saw the picture the legging idea came into my head.
          I will make them. It might be a few weeks as I have a busy time coming up. But I now have to as I am getting the itch to create.
          Of course I’ll post the pics. They will be of my 21 year old daughter modeling them.
          She makes a much better model than I do. She’s tall and has legs that go on for miles. She’s perfect for these. And although she isn’t in to steampunk much these will be right up her alley. For her I may embroider cute skulls on them. It’s more her. Oh and another reason it will take a few weeks is that I do all hand embroidery. I don’t have a embroidery machine. And besides I love creating by hand. Any suggestions would be welcome.

          • Cathy says:

            If you sewed lacing tape to the cut leggings, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the grommets. They’d be done for you! That would make the whole project go much faster as well.

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