Urban Threads Costume Contest

There’s a crispness in the air, and September has begun…

Crafty minds everywhere begin to envision fantastical costumes and spooky nights, which means there’s no better time to have a costume contest!

It’s no secret that we love Halloween, but judging by all the cool, creepy and crafty costumes that often appear in our flickr pool, you do too! That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate your costume skills with a very special contest.

Now through Nov. 1, enter a costume you’ve made featuring an Urban Threads design, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a very special prize…

A totally custom design created by us, for whatever theme or wish you’ve always desired!

That’s right… have you been asking for costumed ferrets or steampunk bees for months, but we haven’t delivered yet? Got an idea you always wanted to try, but seemed too crazy to request? Now is YOUR chance.

If you win the contest, we’ll personally work with you and your ideas to made that one kick-butt design you’ve always wanted (and hopefully that everyone’s really wanted) that we just haven’t gotten around to yet. We’ll make sure it fits all hoop sizes and it’s for all formats, so no matter what, it will suit your stitching needs.  We’ll even dedicate it to you in the design description so you and your idea will live on the site forever!

Just a quick few caveats about the prize design:

-While it is a custom design for you, this is hopefully something everyone else has been dying to see too. So we’re not designing something with a personal name, your kid’s little league mascot, or a company logo. The design will be available on the site for everyone after it’s yours, so try and think of something worth sharing!

-We will not design anything copyrighted (no, we’re not drawing you a zombie Disney princess, as cool as that might be) offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for our audience. Let’s keep it safe viewing for the kiddios.

So, now that you know the prize, what and how can you enter?

First, you’ll need a picture of a costume that features at least one Urban Threads design. It doesn’t matter if it’s something brand new stitched for this spooky season, or if it’s something you’ve stitched up before. It doesn’t even matter if it’s been featured already. As long as it’s a cool costume featuring some Urban Threads sweetness, it’s eligible to be entered!

Once you have your costume picture ready, upload it to the Urban Threads flickr pool and tag it utcostumecontest or e-mail it in to contest@urbanthreads.com. (pssst…already have a costume added to the flickr pool? All you  need to do is tag it!) You can enter more than one costume to increase your chances!

Important! While it’s fine for you to upload/e-mail lots of pictures of your costume to share, please just pick ONE image to tag as your entry. As we said before, you can enter multiple costumes, but you should only tag each costume once.

Get your pictures in by Nov 1st @ 11:59pm Central time to be entered. (We understand, sometimes you’re hot gluing those last pieces on right before you head out trick-or-treating, so you have till the day after to get your images in.) We’ll choose a winner at random, and get to work on that custom design!

Ready to get stitching? We totally are. Halloween is right around the corner…

What awesomeness will you stitch up this year?


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5 Responses to “Urban Threads Costume Contest”

  1. 1
    Joy Young says:

    I want to share this and some of your posts with my FB Friends on my wall but you do not seem to have a repost to do that with. Maybe I am just too dumb to get what to do since most sites are pretty easily shared because they give us the “dumb” button to use. I love creativity and have Friends of all ages and interests. Please reply and you can find me on FB under the above name.

    Thank you!

  2. 2
    Nic says:

    The winner will be chosen at random…? As in the quality of the costume doesn’t even play a role in who wins? I’m confused. Perhaps this should be retitled “Costume Raffle”…

  3. 3
    Nicole says:

    In response to Nic’s comment…

    How about, “Thanks so much for offering a place to view other’s great creativity and participate myself. I hope I win the opportunity to have a custom made embroidery design.” Stop bein’ a hater.

    I think Urban Designs is doing a great job.

    • Nic says:

      I never said a costume raffle was a bad thing. I love seeing people’s creations and I love Urban Threads. It’s just that usually when you hear the phrase “Costume Contest” it means that costumes are being judged on quality and creativity, not being randomly chosen. Most people think it’s a good thing to recognize others for their effort and skills. How is pointing that out “bein’ a hater”? Just because someone might bring up an issue, confusion, or criticism of something doesn’t mean that they’re disrespecting or putting down that thing, and it doesn’t mean that you’re better in some way for having no qualms with it. I’d hate to live in a world where everyone exhibited nothing but enthusiastic optimism and gratitude for everything to avoid “bein’ a hater”.

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