A Package…

A package arrived today.

with something rather special inside…

Hmm… where have we seen the likes of this awesome before?

Oh yes..

The Indelible Mr. Gear has sent us a present!

I thought I’d try them on.

Nope. Still not as cool as Marty. One day...

I love my new glasses.

Apparently I think I'm Blade.

In fact, I was not the only one who was a fan. Word got around the office, and soon everyone wanted in.

The hat is a nice touch

Danielle, resident digitizer and gothic queen.

Taylor, fellow artist rockin’ the double shades look.

Colman, our “Master of Skulls,” just had to try them on.

With Calcium!

Erm… our uh, in-office animal cracker consultant?

OK, this is just getting silly…

And let’s be honest.

Nobody wears them quite like Marty.

Thanks so much Mr. Gear! We will (squabble, fight, steal them back and forth, put them on our toys, and wear them) with pride. Want to know a little more about that awesome guy above? Check out his original featured project post. And know that nobody, really, will ever be able to rock them like Marty Gear.

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4 Responses to “A Package…”

  1. 1
    Marty Gear says:

    Thank you, guys! You’ve made my day. Keep this up and I might just have to move to Minnesota. But don’t forget, you promised more bats.
    Love –

  2. 2
    Eileen says:

    What the heck? And where, oh where was the toothsome bunny? He would so totally rock these coffin shades!

    • Niamh says:

      Oh what a terrible oversight of ours! I do hope the bunny forgives me. Then again, he might just have eaten the glasses…

  3. 3
    Jan B says:

    Those shades are dripping with awesome sauce.

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