Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists

Urban Threads’ first-ever fashion contest is closed, and we are so blown away by your entries! Every time we hold a contest like this, we’re never sure what kinds of things people might cook up, and every year you guys show just how passionate you are about designing amazing embroidered creations. After much debate in the office, we chose our top ten finalists. Luckily for us, it is now up to YOU to vote to pick the winner of this contest and the $50 Urban Threads gift certificate!

Scroll through these amazing ten finalists and find out a little about each, then vote for your favorite at the bottom. Don’t wait — voting closes Monday, Oct. 5 at noon, Central time! The winner will be announced Tuesday and contacted via email.

Here are your top 10 finalists


Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Beaded Gothic Gown by Anke

Anke in Holland stitched this stunning dress for a theme party last year. Not only did she incorporate a fancy two-color version of the baroque rose along the back hem and a subtly chic use of the cutwork cobweb, but she added an amazing amount of intricate beading on top of these skull and roses.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Feather Blazer by Ceclie

This sharp jacket was fashioned by Cecile. It incorporates some gilded feathers along with a design from the Talisman series. I just love how she layered the designs.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Mermaid Coat by Chris

Chris crafted this mermaid coat out of three sweatshirts and a flannel shirt, using a modified version of a Simplicity sewing pattern. It incorporates everything from lots of mermaids, to tentacles, octopi, and seahorses. The embroidery is beautifully planned out to fit together into a wonderful brocade of nautical chic!

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Studded Jacket by Christine

Christine bought an old and dated studded jean jacket at a carboot sale, and gave it a great update. She dyed it black, refitted it at the waist, and added some Briar Rose and Parisian embroidery.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Steampunk Coat by Janice

Janice upcycled and restyled this men’s coat to fit her, then added a whole range of embroidery and other embellishments to make a Scottish steampunk masterpiece. She stitched all her designs in gorgeous golds to pull together designs like wings, skulls, clocks, thistles and roses. What a statement piece!

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Lace Wedding Gown by Maris

Maris used more than 40 pieces of freestanding lace to embellish her dress for her wedding. She also stitched earrings, a necklace, shoe ornaments, a tiara, and dolls for the cake. An amazing statement of personal creativity, and for such a special occasion!

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Denim Outfit by Miriam

This denim coat, hat, and bag were all fashioned by Miriam, using the bold red designs of the Grow Wild collection all over. I love how well each design suits the shape of the piece.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Lace Up Jacket by Nancy

This jacket was designed, embroidered, and sewn all by Nancy. Using the main theme of roses, she managed to incorporate everything from cutwork on the sleeves, layered light stitching on the shoulders, a little steampunk on the lapel, and a simple baroque accent for the collar. Everything comes together beautifully with the unique lacing up the back.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Girl's Parisian Dress by Nicole

In crafter Nicole’s house, she says, “We’re all about upcycling.” Her particular favorite is to take ladies’ dresses and turn them into little girl’s dresses. She dismantled this thrift store find, removed the boning and curves, then added an underskirt, straps, shirring, and ruching. And of course some elegant Parisian and draping embroidery, using silver thread for that extra sparkle.

Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists - Elven Cloak by Sabrina

This warm-looking fall cloak is by Sabrina, who used embroidery from the Elven Court collection to bring it to life. It looks especially suited to a walk through the autumn woods.


There you have it, Urban Threadsters, your top ten! Choose carefully, and please only vote once. Remember, voting closes Monday, Oct. 5 at noon, Central time, so vote now!

Of course, there were so many amazing entries to this contest, you can’t just look at these ten. Go have a peek at ALL the amazing creations entered over in our flickr gallery. Thank you to everyone who entered — we’re so inspired by all your amazing fashion creations!

Bummed you missed your chance at this contest? Never fear: another, spookier contest is opening up tomorrow..

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4 Responses to “Urban Threads Top 10 Fashion Contest Finalists”

  1. 1
    Karen says:

    Fabulous entries!! Of course, it’s very difficult to choose just one, but I managed. Your Flickr site has lots more beautiful entries, as well! Thank you to everyone for showing all of us what can be done with UT designs. 😀

  2. 2
    Jackie Bateman says:

    Wonderful designs and great imagination used in all entries.

  3. 3
    Charlene says:

    Excellent design

  4. 4

    […] aber es war die Mühe wert und hat mich sogar auf den Blog von Urban Threads gebracht, wo ich beim Fall Fashion Contest damit den vierten Platz belegt habe […]

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