(More) Honorable Mentions

Been ooohing and ahhhing over the finalists in UT’s first-ever coloring contest? Here’s more eye candy! Last week we shared an “honorable mention” paper cutting of the Maiden Monarch design. Machine embroidery celebrity guest judge Erich Campbell, utterly overwhelmed by the awesomeness of your entries, couldn’t help but name a few honorable mentions of his own. Check ’em out:

Most Inventive Color Choices

Kentfield went with a classy all-white look:

queenmaab stitched a bold black silhouette:

Mary‘s icy blue design has a bit of a reverse color look going on:

Most Punky

Elizabeth‘s monarch has variegated black and white hair:

Best Use of Pastels

Richaway1230 took inspiration from the beautiful colors of sunsets seen from the back porch:

Great Use of Specialty Add-ons/Techniques

Ima Sewandsew‘s fuzzy fringed ermine is, and I quote, “just awesome”:

Want more? Browse all the contest entries to see loads of Urban Threadster talent on display!

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One Response to “(More) Honorable Mentions”

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    Elizabeth Keller says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention;o)I’m honored!

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