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Flickr Roundup

Howdy! I have been wowed again by the imaginative embroidery everyone is putting up in the UT Flicker Pool.

Here are some recent finds that will hopefully amaze and inspire you…

Finished Front

28 Sides Designs created this gorgeous corset, complete with our skeleton key hole embroidery accent.


This denim rose cuff, by Ganz und Garn is super spiffy! I would love some embroidered denim cut-offs to match.

Skull Wing Sweatshirt 1

Now for a mini “roundup-within-the-roundup” of fantastic sweatshirt embroidery!

This purple skull and wing combo stitched by timewrinkler is really stunning. I love the detail of adding the black fabric behind the eyes and nose of the skull.

Newborn zip hoodie with hand embroidered wings

A newborn hoodie with wings! That is pretty wonderful. Animerae hand embroidered these wings, then appliqued them on the back of the hoodie. The effect is angelic.

Bella Wings

These fashionable fairy wings look divine on the back of this classy purple shrug. Draconyz stitched this amazing piece for her daughter, who is one lucky lady!

The rotten apple

This bad apple makes the whole barrel better!! Lacerslife hand stitched this UT monster face in the midst of some vintage apples making for a fantastic embroidery mash up.

Haz Mat Trio

Sue Shaw assembled this Haz Mat Trio, and I am in love with the colors and juxtaposition of elements. These are sewn down the lower right leg of some sweet dark denim jeans.

I love this hand embroidered zombie hand, resting in front of some interesting paperback books. 1.2. Stitcharoo calls this piece Crazy Zombie Strength, for Issue #4 of her Walking Dead/Zombie project!

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist this zombie baby bib by Morning Tempest. I think the cuteness of the photo speaks for itself.

In summation, the wearable embroidery you Urban Threadsters create is off the hook! The level of style and inventiveness is beyond. Keep those machines running and fingers stitching, and please keep uploading your amazing photos to the UT flickr pool.

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Flickr Roundup

Hello! If you haven’t noticed, there has been a monster take over of the UT flickr pool! I braved past the scary monsters and snuggled with the adorable ones to uncover some other great embroidery projects!

Cover 1

Ahoy! Gaitri Sparkles created this Kindle cover, giving it a special book-like feel. The piping detail around the embroidery really adds to the finished piece.

This baby ninja bib and mustachio is extra fabuloso! By Crystal of Morning Tempest.

Urban Threads Winged Heart

An elegant use of the Baroque Punk Heart Locket by Quirky Kim! The white thread on black looks stunning!

My favorite kind of dreams have rainbows, ice cream and ponies! I would love to drift off into this magical dreamland illustrated by One Sweet Stitch.

Ruby Shines Momma must have created this nifty little clip purse with me in mind! I love it! Hopefully all those colorful zippers will transform into many more exciting embroidery projects!

voodoo doll pincushions

Voodoo doll pincushions are pretty self explanatory. And wonderful. This matching set was made by snifferooski, for herself and her mom.

This classy garment was stitched by Bridget. She was looking for some more elegant creative office wear. I find the neck line particularly posh. How many basics in your closet could use a steam punk embroidery make-over?

A great reminder, beautifully stitched by knottygal.

Follow Your Heart Bag  <3

This adorable bag by Time Wrinkler is sized to fit a Kindle fire, bringing our Flickr Roundup full circle. I am happy to know you Urban Threadsters are keeping up on your reading between stitching incredible projects!

Check out the flickr pool to find more great project inspiration. Also take a peek at all the Monster Bash entries that have been popping up. The creativity is oozing out of every monstrous submission!

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Flickr Roundup

Caitlin here with another roundup of goods from our flickr pool! Here’s the loot from my treasure hunt through the projects…

read! bookmark

This piece of hand embroidery by daisyeyes is inspiring! I like to be motivated by my bookmarks.  I think she’s been reading about woodworking.

Happy Mochi Yum Yum Needle Power goes to Haiti

Globetrotting embroidery by Wished, True and Kind, straight to you all the way from Grace Village in Haiti. The colorful pieced background, in front of Haitian palm trees makes me extra happy.

sewing machine dust cover

Knittychrissy stitched this dust cover for her 30’s Singer sewing machine. New high tech stitching fights dust for an old school friend.

Cupcake apron

FabulouslyFierce‘s Cupcake Apron! It’s so pink and delicious!

Dragonfly Mini Top Hat

StoriedThreads took this tiny lace top hat to the next level! The dragonfly accents are winning me over big time.


Roller derby awesomeness by Vana G!

Red Fox Framed Hand Embroidery

Meri Greenleaf created this multimedia art piece using melted wax crayons, and some precision hand embroidery. Who wouldn’t delight in having a winking fox living somewhere in their home?


Laundry bag embroidery by Noordermeer1. When the bag is full, it might be a bright idea to do the laundry! I apparently like all sorts of motivational embroidery.

my winter crown

Creations By Dawn and her winter crown! Sparkles and embroidery! A winning combo!

Baroque Punk Denim Jacket

We were all very impressed with how quickly this Baroque Punk Jacket by Giliell was turned out! The colored thread choices really bring the motifs to life. See more shots of the jacket in the flickr pool. Bravo!

Keep the craftiness coming! I am looking forward to seeing all the goodies you create and share with us on our flickr group.  Spectacular embroidery makes the world a better place.

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Flickr Roundup + New Urban Threadster!

Today we’re introducing a new Urban Threadster to our crew. Please welcome our new artist, Caitlin! She’ll be sharing a little bit on the blog now and then. She’s going to tell us a little bit about herself, and then share some of her favorites from our flickr pool. Here Caitlin strikes up a yoga pose and tells us a little about herself…

Hello! My name is Caitlin! I am so lucky to be a new member of the Urban Threads crew.
I am native Midwesterner, recently returned from a 10-year adventure in Los Angeles, CA. While residing in the City of Angels, I went to art school at the Art Center College of Design, and ate tons of avocados and Mexican food. I also fell in love with a handsome Californian and married him. The rest of the time I was drawing, painting, animating, sewing, crafting, or doing yoga. My favorite parts of art school were drawing and painting naked people and sewing up a huge interactive installation of giant leaf-shaped pillows for playing in. (They currently live at a preschool, where they are well loved.)

Eventually, I found my way to designing textiles for Alexander Henry Fabrics, where I could draw and paint and sew to my heart’s content. The transition from textile design to embroidery design was easy and obvious! I am so grateful to be a part of the awesomeness that is Urban Threads!!  I am always excited to contribute to the fabulous mash-up of drawing, embroidery, crafting, and design.

I am actually so crafty I make people! I am currently expecting a little girl, named Olive, in March. Yay!

Caitlin is joining us as a full time illustrator. You’ve probably already seen some of her cute and quirky designs come up. We’re so happy to have her with us! Now, on to the flickr roundup!


I thought I’d share some of the wintery catches I had, after ice fishing in the UT flicker pool!

yeti 013
I am in love with this Yeti Hat by Giliell. There is so much cuteness going on in this situation I  am having trouble using words to describe it! It’s a perfect winter monster snuggle!

Stuffies!  Woodland Creatures Christmas Ornaments
Woodland Creature Stuffie Ornaments by timewrinker!  These have even been upcycled from a red wool blazer, with faux suede and satin appliques.  I am starting a wish list for next year already.

Eigennaht creates such gorgeous work using embroidery. There are tons of her treasures floating around the flickr pool.  I want to wear this entire outfit as soon as I am done carrying a tiny person around inside me.

Urban Threads Christmas card
I think this embroidered card by lacerslife would be welcome in my mailbox any time of year!

Cute As Hell Dog Coat
Rhonda created this super cute cozy coat to keep her mom’s pup warm. In the meantime, this radical stuffed dog gets all the glory.

heat and cold packs
Ganz und Garn produced this winning combination of embroidery and pampering. These hot and cold packs will soothe aching shoulders after a day bent over an embroidery machine. Crafting win!

Judy stitched this fantastic pillow for her mom, who loved it.  I love it too. I like to imagine Santa spending his January’s sailing through the Caribbean as a jolly pirate.



For a long winter’s beauty sleep, rest your head on this Sleeping Beauty embroidered pillow by Tracy. The corset laced back will make each beauty rest more glamorous.

Thank you for sharing all the radical work that you do on the flickr site, and spreading the embroidery love around. There is more and more creative stitchery up every day so keep coming back to take a look or upload your own!


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Flickr Roundup

Once again, a long overdue flickr roundup of awesome. Let’s proceed with the awesome…


A seaworthy pirate quilt by Susan, featuring the “The Seven Deadly Seas” design on the map in the middle. Arr me matey. Even pirates get cold.


Grönö-lamp from Ikea, decorated by Bettina with some Halloween embroidery. Yup, ikea is always better with a little embroidery.

raceday 002

Heather’s shirt for the Spartan Race, featuring the Geri and Freki design. This is the before the mud shot. Want to see after?

Octopus Bag

Lucy Bad Dog made this bag herself from some leftover grey wool and decorated it with the clockwork octopus design. I’m digging those colors.


Creations Mary Lou is up to her usual tricks with a whole load of awesome zip up bags. This little guy is perfect for storing all your pointy bits and bobs of crafting.

Bitchin' Potholder

Peachy Keen Quilts whipped up this beautiful and bitchin’ monochrome potholder for a special “pay it forward” contest she had on her blog. She made all her the people that commented on her post handmade goods!

05162011 002

Carol took the kitchen witch design and brought it to it’s natural apex by putting it on this adorable Halloween apron. I’d wear this thing year round!

Skully Stitcher Needle Cushion

I am soo in love with all the texture on this one from Caine. It looks so touchable. I also love the quality it gives the little skully, he looks like he’s all patched together.

IC 38: Black and White

I adore this combination of the damask fabric and the skull design, paired together by Waggonswest. Elegant enough to spook up your home anytime.


Think you have enough embroidery on your project? Not hardly. Morgan knows how to rock it, and OuttaMyGourd knows just how to deliver.


Finally, valentonia made this truly stunning embroidered snap cuff. I have the urge to whip one of those up right now… it doesn’t look that hard does it?

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s officially heading hard into the holiday season, and you can practically hear the sewing machines revving. To check out all the stitchy goodness, head on over to our flickr group for and eyeful, and a healthy dose of inspiration!

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A Very Stitchy Halloween

The Halloween Contest is officially over, and thanks to all who entered! If there was a theme to this years entries, it would be Steampunk Lace Mustaches.  Which now that I’ve said it, someone will probably request steampunk lace mustaches. I have no idea what those might look like. Damn.

Want to see some of my favorites? Of course you do… cause they’re uummaazing.



This Steampunky Marie Antoinette stunner is by Liddy from Holland. This is such a “WOW”, I can’t believe it!

Lots of steampunky embroidery (get a load of that giant steampunk heart) complete with Kraken-inspired headdress. I’m thinking we need to know more about this costume. Perhaps a new featured project?

Cuteness overload.

Hannah (age 4) wanted to be “steampunk and someone who turns things into gold” for Halloween. Her mum taught her the word “alchemist” and made this costume for her, with a belt full of test tubes and Urban Threads embroidery designs. I’m pretty sure her magical powers come from extreme adorableness.

1-concours costume - costume contest


Running right along with more geartastic costumeness, Roxanne’s stunning costume won a prize for Best Embroidery at a Japanese anime convention in Quebec. It’s got steampunk designs all over the dress, plus she’s rocking our steampunk hat and mask.

I LOVE the colors. Pinks and browns, yummy.

Krusher The Steampunk Gentleman

Krusher The Steampunk Gentleman

You know who else is rocking everything steampunk?

This guy.

Meet Krusher the Steampunk Gentleman. Not only is he rocking the required top hat and goggles, but he’s even got a ray gun. This might just be the coolest dog ever.


Course, this guys pretty cool too.

And adorable. Maybe they can be friends. All he needs is a monocle.

Harley Quinn

I tried being Harley Quinn one year for Halloween, and it certainly wasn’t as cool as this costume from Karmine Brode. Lots of lace and big ol’ guns. Batman’s in trouble this year.


A little embroidered medallion helps rock the ring world for this elf.

Nice ears.



Miriam’s daughter wore this costume to her Halloween birthday party . She’s rocking a skull cameo on her sleeve and a lace bat in her hair.

I love it when the youngins’ go goth.



Finally, we have what must be one of the craftiest 14 year olds around, since Emma sewed and embroidered this entire costume herself.

She wrote in to tell us that she used her birthday money to buy the designs. That’s dedication! Also, I am so in love with those colors, and that fabric.

You have great things ahead of you Emma. Oh, and happy belated birthday! You put your present to good use.

Want to see all the entries? Check out the slideshow below!

Thanks for taking part crafters! We will announce the winner soon. In the meantime, it’s never too early to get started on next years costume, right?

Flickr Roundup

As usual, you might be forgiven of late for being distracted by all the adorable pups, horses and kitties that took over the flickr pool for awhile, but there are some things that really ought not be missed.

Let’s see just a few of what’s popped up of late…

Steamed at Dragoncon

You can never go wrong with kicking things off with a little steampunk style, right? And flourishes got it just right.


Looking to add a little cool to your wardrobe? Yes indeed. Julieann20 did just that by splitting the seam and adding some embroidered coolness. Where have we seen something like this before?

Oh yeah, when we got all glammed up in Stitches Magazine, thought I’m pretty sure Julie Ann did it first. I’m now thinking I have a lot of very boring pairs of jeans. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie Ann!

my cherrie apron

OMG, could you just die of cuteness?

I don’t cook, but I would try my darndest if I had this little number, just to have a viable excuse to wear it around. Creations by Dawn decided to redo her whole kitchen in a cherry theme, and this is the little apron to match. Oh, the red lace is killing me! I love it.

sit hand pillow

Huzzah, Stitchfork has joined us on flickr! I follow her blog pretty regularly, and she has the prettiest photos of her embroidery on there.  It was such a treat to see one show up in the flickr pool.

And this? Too adorable. Way to be commanding, snarky and cute all in one go. Not easy to pull off in one pillow.

Happy Monster Pillows...

Happy Monster pillows are happy!

As was scandinaviangrrl when she bought a new IKEA chair for sewing. I think these little monsters are just the thing to liven it up.

Taylor's got a brand new bag.

Noordermeer1 has accomplished what many have tried and failed at before… stitching for a teenage guy! She has pulled it off masterfully. Taylor looks pretty slick with his new bag.

Tin Girl

More steampunk! And what steampunk it is… dj_ghostuk is at it again, this time making an amazing stitched gear bodice for this seriously sweet Tin Girl costume.

I’m starting to think I should just have a whole section for amazing embroidered steampunk costumes. Please tell me you’re entering this into our costume contest, right dj_ghostuk?

Fearghus not happy about wearing another hat

Speaking of adorable costumes…

Ok, so little Fearghus doesn’t look super thrilled to be modeling that slick top hat, but I think he looks fabulous. That blue that Lemon Tree Tales picked out really brings out his uh… eyes, don’t you think?

As usual, to check out all the stitchy goodness, head on over to our flickr group for and eyeful, and a healthy dose of inspiration!

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