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July Flickr Roundup

It’s finally time for the July Flickr roundup! I am so impressed at the incredible variety and superb quality of the projects that everyone keeps sharing! Here are some of my favorites this month…


This amazing monster pillow by The Evil Thread is right in my wheel house. I love the neon colors and furry multicolored monsters.


Mary Kay Beckley made these one of a kind zombie kitty shoes! They are so summery and spectacular. It just goes to show you can have fun even without an embroidery machine sometimes.


Here is a cute hand embroidered smart cookie by Rosie. The effect of embroidering on the argyle fabric is brilliant!


I love this sweet heart shaped einhorntasche (unicorn) bag by Leah. I want one for my toddler, Olive. Or maybe I just want it all for myself!

Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress with Urban Threads Patterned Feathers

Cory created this dress with a feather border for a sweet little girl. She sewed the whole dress from scratch, but it’s a great example of how adding an embroidered border onto a dress or tunic top can really kick it up a notch in awesomeness!

UT Wolves KiltThis very manly embroidered kilt by Draconyz rules.  The nordic wolves look great in those colors.

My first quilt!

Check out this black and white and red all over quilt by Jibbidibbi. Can you believe it’s her first one? She made great use of the miniature menagerie bug doodles with white on black stitching.


These are the best potholders for, dare I say, glamping?! Kraizdnurz clearly has some glamorous camping style with these cute s’more and camper potholders.

Messenger Bag

Great Gans und Garn bag with queen bee running stitch design. The limited color palate she chose is so sophisticated!


How can you make steampunk look snuggly? Petlwing did a great job by making a steampunk quilt! I love the applique gears and kitty cameo!

Ship in a bottle

I feel like this ship in a bottle in an embroidery hoop art by Dona has layers of deep meaning. And I like that.

Celtic Rogue

Finally, here is an amazing Celtic hood by Fine Leather Design. This is an incredible piece, and a great photograph. And did you see those the cuffs?! Wowie-zowie!

Everything is looking snazzy up on the UT Flickr group! I hope everyone is enjoying some summer sunshine by day, before they work all night at their embroidery machines cranking out magical sparkly embroidery awesomeness.

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May Flickr Roundup

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” — Robin Williams.

That’s right, Spring is finally here! Lets party with the May flickr roundup…

Crazy Dog Lady!

Time Wrinker has posted some really sweet zipper pouches on the UT flickr group recently. She rocked out this crazy dog lady pouch so fast! I love the cute bone zipper pull.

Batty Bag

This is phenomenal! I love the style of the bag, paired with the sweet hanging bats. Shefightslikeagirl did an amazing job with this piece.


Wowza! Pooka employed many beautiful hand stitching techniques to create this skeleton girl cameo. Her smart teenage daughter commandeered it for her room!


Very cute monster key chain. Marylou has many more fun creations posted on the flickr pool. Check her out!

Embroidered Monk Bag

Becca made custom shopping bags to take to her local wool festival! I bet these knitting skully bags will look great filled to the brim with new yarn and other woolly delights.


I love this veggie collage  pouch by Brandy. It would be such a great place to keep veggie seeds for gardening. Yay spring!

Urban threads

There is a lot of awesome happening here. Jennifer hand dyed her threads! I love the metallic accents at the top also. Stunning work!


I love this black on white leather clutch by MiaSpider. The lace accents pair nicely with the Victorian quilting designs.


Another great Don’t Panic design, turned pincushion! I’m digging the amazing fuchsia baroque frame Meagan found for her piece.


This gorgeous piece of jewelry was crafted by Anik! The asymmetrical way the lace lays across her collar bones is really stellar.

What a great embroidery party! A big thanks to everyone who posted their amazing creations to the UT flickr pool. Keep the creative magic coming, we love it.

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April Flickr Roundup

It’s time for the April Flickr Roundup!

Perhaps you have saved some embroidery designs for a rainy day. Now you find yourself, on a rainy spring day, wondering what to make with them all?

You’ve come to the right place!

Urban Threadsters around the planet have pooled their creations together to inspire and delight. Check out some spring highlights…

Figgy's Banyan Tee w/ Urban Threads Anchor Embroidery

Lovin’ this lime t-shirt by Yes’m Creative. It’s bright, bold and basic. The blue anchor pops nicely on the breast pocket.

Do not disturb

GB Design makes a clear statement with this DO NOT DISTURB tote bag. When this skull’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!


This is so radical! Kraizdnurz nailed it. I hope the injured party heals quickly and enjoys sporting hipster bigfoot on their foot in the mean time!

Bunnylove 007

I couldn’t resist these little snuggle bunnies! Mr. Bun is highlighted nicely on this t-shirt by Giliell.

Floral gramophone

I am ready for spring flowers to be blooming! Lacerslife did a beautiful job hand embroidering this florophone design.

Mendhika designs on Amy Butler's Blossom Bag

This tote bag embroidered by hotchkisskids really caught my attention. The colors she used in the mendhika designs with the denim look so sophisticated and chic!

organizer for crochet hooks

Here is a sweet winter bear crochet hook organizer by Maria. Everyone needs one, everyone wants one, everyone should make one!

Happy Cupcake Oven Mitts

I have to admit, I’m biased towards these oven mitts by FabulouslyFierce because I designed that cupcake fabric at my previous design job! The embroidered Urban Threads cupcake goes perfect, and I love it!

Completed Pillow

Just gorgeous. Lisa created a stunning piece of home decor and shot it beautifully. The gold celtic cross looks amazing on the green velvet. Can you believe she stitched this by hand!?

You Missed It

Time Wrinkler stitched and framed this classic embroidery sampler. It hangs in her laundry room. I think it speaks for itself.

Cactus Pincushion

This super speedy cactus pincushion was crafted by MagnoliaFly. I love the behind the scene peek of the craft room too!

From oven mitts to pin cushions, and tote bags to t-shirts, I hope you found something to inspire some spring stitching! When you are done, please take a picture and share your latest creation with us!

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March Flickr Roundup

March Flickr Roundup is in like a fierce crafty lion. Check out the work everyone’s been doing, it’s amazeballs!

demon wings

Heather embroidered these red demon wings to evoke tattoos. I love the effect, and it’s much less permanent!


Here is another sultry corset design by Heather using the baroque punk swallow. I just had to show both, they are so stunning.

apron irish owls

This apron by Stickforkd is perfect for March. She chose a really nice combo of text, owls and subtle Celtic knots.


Now for a cinch bag party! The first bag is by quilted thimble cottage. She paired some awesome fabric with the sewing machine schematic design.

Endless Love 2 Bag

The second bag is by blackpimp4u using the endless love design. This would make a great ring holder for an offbeat wedding.

Don't Panic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Dice Bag Pouch

The third bag by Tote Uncommon is red and radical! Clearly a bag of holding for DnD, using the Don’t Panic design.

Mom Doodle UT4932

Wrapping up the cinch bag parade is a cute one by Maria with sweet motherly typography. I imagine it’s filled with a yummy bath bomb from Lush.

Dad's 60th bday Journal

Here is a goregous book cover by Hedgehog&Rabbit. She used her dad’s totem animal, the dragon fly, and his initial, “L”. I love the quilting too!


Since it’s still wintery here, I thought I would include this great hot air balloon muff by Eigennaht. She works magic with her embroidery machine every time.

love robot napkin

I love in progress shots! This lonely robot napkin is being sewn out by Stony Silence. The simple running stitch with the red border of the napkin is perfect.

Almost finished.. Just gotta add the glow in the dark braid and set the color pencil (wax)!with a hot iron .. Which really should have been done before I began stitching.. But it was an after thought so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the wax doesn't s

Erin did some sweet crayon tinting work with this too cute unicorn. Love. It.

And now, for our grand finale, we have a triple round up of the Magical Ride for your viewing pleasure…

Rainbow Unicorn Pouch

Summer rocked this cute rainbow cheetah print clutch.

Gnome and Unicorn

Aveline made this radical zipper pouch in the hoop!


Misty stitched this adorable bib! Some lucky baby is going to smear so much yummy food and drool on that magical gnome and unicorn sparkle party.

Thanks for sharing all the amazing work you do. Keep crafting and stitching and being full of awesomeness!

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Flickr Roundup

I’m in love with all the amazing work in the UT Flickr group. Let me count the ways with a February roundup!

Valentine's Kitties

These sweet, quirky Valentines day kitties by Weirdlings are so much fun! I love the different color ways of the doodle heart, and of course the little embroidered eyes really bring these kitties to life.


My baby Olive, loves baths and yellow ducks! I think this quilt is right in her wheel house. Kathleen really had a creative stroke of genius when putting this together.


Dueling duck quilts! This one by Katrina adds great typography to the quilt layout.

Bacon Cat Towel is Born

Of course Steampunk Bacon Cat should live in the kitchen! Vintage FairyTale’s made this awesome ruffled kitchen towel.


This beautiful wedding bunting with gorgeous celtic charms was created by the anti cute. This would be great to decorate for any romantic occasion.

Odo likes his new pouch

What what what?! Hak42 has a steam punk sugar glider named Odo?! Odo really has a sweet little home in this embroidered bag.


I love these wristlets by Jessica that use some neat skull and music embroidery. These look so fun and can store so many usefully tiny things you might need on hand.

DQS10 Extras

The colors on this doodle bird really pop! I love the way Tami paired embroidery and fabric designs.

Night Sky 1

Pippa created a beautiful space quilt with glow in the dark thread for the constellations. She created the milky way with a bleach splattering technique.


This stunning evolution hand towel by stichfork makes me want to bake some crumpets and throw a valentines day tea party!

Flight of Fancy journal

Wow! Heather carved a rubber stamp, then printed the image and pasted it to a journal cover. This flight of fancy design never looked better!


I wanted to show off the mad hand embroidery skills by idurrant20. This rose detail from the dark fairy tale series is exquisite.

Embroidered Covered Box

Yes! Timewrinker wins again! She created this cute celtic heart box and I love the rick rack border.

I love how versatile and imaginative everyone is with their embroidery. Keep sharing the love and posting pictures to the UT Flickr group of all the amazing projects you create. We love seeing it, and we love you all!

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Flickr Roundup

On my way to work today, the bank told me it was 8 degrees F. I think that is pretty darn cold. Lucky for me, the UT flickr pool is always filled up with smokin’ hot embroidery to keep that January frost away! Here are some sizzling highlights…

Le Woof

I am diggin’ this great in-progress shot of Le Woof, by Spidersweb. Is it going to be a tiny apron? I’m not sure, but it is excellent work.

machine knitting/machine embroidery

Maria made this adorable scarf using the new scarf kitties design in record time, and I love the matching hat sporting the ‘stache.


I want this charcoal star baroque skull bag by MeiSchterwerk! The crystal eyes are a radical addition.

skull bag

Deborah designed this sweet skull bag herself, and I love the sparkle skull charm and the hoop clasps. The skull embroidery she picked is perfect for this bag!


I really love this Sir Awesome hoodie by sewingroomby.mynata. The elbow patches, star hood, and striped sleeves really look great with the nicely appliqued embroidery.


At first glance, I thought these were some embroidered full moon owl jean shorts, but then I saw they were an even better up-cycled denim apron by Isewmean.


This soft grey infinity scarf by Kathleen looks fabulous. The lightly stitched swallows are a perfect accent!


A vintage care bear pattern was used to make a modern science bear!  Karen stepped it up a notch with the atomic icons on his feet.


One.2.Stitcheroo made this awesome felted free monster! I love when UT designs come to life in the hands of amazingly creative people!

Nerd Love Pillow

The big V-day is just around the corner, and I know this Nerd Love pillow by Timewrinkler would be a hit in my house. The borders and piping are such perfect finishing touches.

For everyone out there feeling the winter chill, I hope these designs sparked a warm flame of inspiration inside you to create and share more awesome embroidery! For those of you who are enjoying life in a warmer climate, I hope you keep stitching amazing projects and uploading them to the UT Flickr pool as well!

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Flickr Roundup Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays!

My favorite ways to celebrate are to eat treats, drink nog, and make crafts for people I love! Maybe some of these awesome projects will inspire you to get crafty too!


Lace is always great around the holidays, and can bring some real elegance to your tree. These lace reindeer from Maria Migal are just lovely, and I especially love the decorative clasps she used for the articulation!

Skull Snowflake Lace Ornaments

For something totally different in lace, these lace skullflake ornaments are the ultimate in Urban Threads holiday decor. Timewrinkler is always a fabulous embroidery muse!

This wintery muff makes me so happy.  Eigennaht picked the perfect holly dolly to make it festive and sassy.

Gingerbread men napkins bring a smile to your face, then help you wipe off crumbs! My World Too stitched these delightful linens perfectly.

I love white Christmas trees, candy canes, and this Gingerbread man ornament by ceodraiocht!


Santa really is the ultimate Christmas ninja if you think about it. This ninja Santa stocking is by ChristiDL.


A whimsical Santa and a little gingerbread stocking stuffer make a great combination from cherrymerrymuffin.

Embroidered Christmas Cards

These Yuletide Revelry cards were stitched by Klix Creations. They are so gorgeous, I hope their recipients stick them in little frames to display.

steampunk santa

I love this steampunk santa throw pillow by lacerslife. So classy and full of holiday cheer!

Bah Humbug Christmas towel

Feeling a little grumpy but still want to make awesome crafts? PinkHarlott made this fantastic kitchen towel design to express the inner Scroge in all of us.

Naughty Xmas

Naughty nog and cookies, elegantly hand stitched by Cecily of 28 Sides Designs.

Table Runner

This subdued holiday table runner by Storied Threads is charming and I love the draped ornaments.

Santa is coming...

I just found this old picture of Niamh in the flickr pool and thought it was great! moving on…

Pgh Pirates Stocking

Coolest baseball pirate punk skull stocking in town, by a_kendra. I am really digging the pinstripes and yellow candy canes.


 Robyn chose a lovely red velvet to stitch this sweet robot snowman stocking for Craig.

Santa ATC

RalRay Embroidery stitched this skinny santa for a holiday gift trade!


These festive Woodland Wonderland applique shirts by Giliell are so delightful. What perfect gifts for the little ones.

Bah Humbug

Another version of the Bah Humbug design from Pam j is just the thing for people who aren’t always feeling the Christmas spirit like everyone else, but still want to make something pretty. And how pretty is this?

Clockwork Reindeer Steampunk Christmas Decoration

I love tiny embroidery hoops made into ornaments. This clockwork reindeer by HauntedSummer really looks amazing.

Steampunk Christmas_1

Oh, how much do you want this to be a full size outfit? This stunning steampunk Christmas doll from Sew Fun Doll Clothes makes one think of Christmas caroling with a steampunk twist, with a little holly added to the pocket watch, a little steampunk Christmas accent, and of course, a lovely lace top hat.

I think the work speaks for itself! The crafting possibilities are endless when you combine thread, tinsel, cookies, nog and Urban Threads creativity. I hope everyone gets a good dose of holiday spirit and crafts up a storm this season. Giving away your homemade creations is the best!

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