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Urban Threads Is Six Years Old – RANDOM GIVEAWAY!

*Comments are now closed! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Congrats to winner Britt, #393!*


I know right? Six! Like we’d be an adorable over-talkative glitter covered child by now. Six awesome years of embroidery shenanigans with the finest bunch of crazy crafters we could ever ask for. That’s right, it’s because of YOU that we’re here to celebrate six happy years. So grab your self a free slice of guilt free cake if you haven’t already, and be sure to treat yo self to your faves list with the STOREWIDE SALE, because you know these big blow ups only come around so often.

To really ring in this happy birthday, we need to do one special thing today. So today only from now until 11:59pm tonight, leave a comment here wishing Urban Threads a happy birthday, and we’ll pick one lucky commenter to win a $30 gift certificate! That’s right, just comment below today only for your chance to win. Good luck!

P.S. – Want to double your chance of winning? Just enter the DIY Urban Threads t-shirt contest before the end of this month for another chance at a $30 gift certificate. Check out details on that contest here.

Make Your Own Official Urban Threads Tee and WIN!

UPDATE: Winners have been announced!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size!

A lot of you have been asking about official Urban Threads swag for awhile now. Buttons, stickers, even tees. Well in honor of Urban Threads’ 6th birthday (!), we’ve come up with a distinctly Urban Threads way to let you get your hands on an official Urban Threads tee. Not only that, but you can use your awesome new tee to enter for a chance to win one of 6 gift certificates. How is this all possible? DIY it! That’s right, you can have your own official tee. The only catch is you gotta make it yourself.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size!

With this awesome new free embroidery design, you can make a Urban Threads tee just like the one above, no matter your embroidery machine’s hoop size! Want to know how to make your tee? Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial. So what about this whole WINNING thing? Well, to enter, grab the new design, embroider it onto a shirt, and dress it up as you please. Then email with either a photo of your shirt (bonus points if you’re in it!) or a link to your photo in the Urban Embroidery flickr pool.  Enter as many shirts as you like, but you can only win once. At the end of the month, 6 lucky winners will be selected at random to win a $30 gift certificate each! You know what’s extra fun about this “official” shirt? Well, that’s there’s no real “official” way to do it! As long as you have the name and logo stitched somewhere on your shirt, your own crazy touches make it as officially Urban Threads as anything else. Because really, Urban Threads’ hallmark is not a logo, but your creativity! Sure, we loved playing with the “splat” motif that often accompanies our logo, but as you can see, the Urban Threads team went all over the place in how they decorated theirs.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Bonnie is our newest digitizer, and adorably quirky. She has a thing for big shiny eyeballs, so she added her own unique stamp to her tee with felt, along with a little felt “splat.” Don’t be afraid to add your own unique touches. Bonnie’s certainly not!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Caitlin opted for a lighter tank top for the warmer months ahead. She also tried playing with applique, and added sparkly fabric underneath her logo!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

UT artist Dani decided on some unusual placement for her design, putting it instead at the bottom front of her tee. If you look a little closer, you can also see she did a cool double layering effect with the logo, stitching it just offset in a slightly different color.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Danielle too kept her tee simple, but gave it a fashionable touch with a side stitched logo. It’s a nice placement idea if you want your logo tee to be a bit more subtle. She also used the small logo as a front tee accent. Simple but chic!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

UT marketing wizard and ringmaster Karline decided to put her main design on the back of a hoodie instead of the front, and also accented the front with the logo.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Taylor kept this simple, with a jaunty offset logo and type, but accented his shirt with a stitched “splat” design.

Make your own UT shirt with a free design and WIN. Contest now through the end of May 2014.

There’s no wrong way to do it. Just make sure “Urban Threads” is stitched legibly, and your shirt/hoodie/tank/jacket  includes the name and logo. You can add bleach, paint, stitches, your own favorite Urban Threads designs… anything! Make your official tee as stylin’ as you want it, and send us a picture of it for your chance to win. Go grab your FREE design right here, check out this tutorial for how to make it, and then send us your picture at before 11:59 p.m. Central time on Saturday, May 31 for your chance to win one of SIX $30 gift certificates.  Get stitching!

Canine Couture & Furry Fashions

Urban Threads is full of embroidery designs to bring your own closet and decor to new levels of awesome. Why should your dog be any different? Here’s a brand new collection for pups to make them as unique and stylin’ as you are!

The new Canine Couture collection features light and open designs that are still full of awesome detail — perfect for jackets and hoodies, pet beds, and more. These chic new designs are modeled by non other than official UT office pups, owned by two of our digitizers! The little black pit Jaxie is owned by Danielle, and the two little Chinese Cresteds, Possum and Hopscotch ,belong to our newest team member Bonnie. They modeled like champs, (and we love having them visit!) and whether your pup is a proud alum of Barkington University or is just Bad to the Bone, you’re sure to find the perfect designs for all your four-legged friends.

Check out how stylin’ our resident pups look rocking them…


Jaxie knows what’s up. With a little bundle of furry love in your life, what more do you need?


Got a little prima donna? Trust me, you’ll know if you do. Might as well rock that look loud and proud.


Maybe your dog has a little more of an attitude. Let em be bad to the bone. Heck  little Possum is practically rocking a mohawk. That punk little hoodie suits him well.

adopted a human

All our office pups are rescues! Or more like, they rescued us. Where you adopted by a dog? Let people know with a cute design and spread the word to help more dogs find their adoptable humans.


Jaxie is all about giving out free kisses. Anytime, anywhere. Now she can advertise it loud and proud.


Got a pup that’s got that chic attitude? Let them prance around with class, they graduated top of their class at Barkington University. Maybe you can both rock your college sweaters out on a walk like proud alumni.

If you love the look of these cute little dog hoodies, you can make your own! There’s an easy-to-follow tutorial to sew your own right here, featuring the original blog dog Norton.

Sew your own embroidered dog hoodie with this easy to follow tutorial.

Craft some pawsitively stylin’ threads for your pup with these new designs. Check out the whole Canine Couture collection, and feel free to send photos of what you make to — we’d love to see!

Instagram Love


Are you on Instagram? Hey us too.

Follow us at urbanthreadsemb for sneak peeks, behind the scenes shenanigans, never before seen photos, and fun inspiration for your crafty day. Tag your photos #urbanthreads or us directly at urbanthreadsemb and we’ll be your friends too!

Be My Anti-Valentine – 5 Ways to Celebrate the Other Side of Valentine’s Day


1. Meh Conversation Heart | 2. Cupid’s Bad Day | 3. Devilish Love | 4. Love Sucks (with Bunny Plushie Tutorial) | 5. Love Hurts

Not feeling so lovey-dovey as the big day draws near? Never fret. Hidden within Urban Threads’ weekend Valentine’s Sale are a few gems that are sure to warm your cold heart with their slightly twisted tastes. Grab them this weekend before the sale is over, and rock that day of roses your way.

Request Fest Weekend!


Hey Urban Threadsters — Did you know you can request embroidery designs? It’s true! It’s part of the selection you can make in our contact form. Customer requests have turned into some very popular designs, like the ones pictured above. Want to see your idea in stitches?

Well, this weekend, we’re looking for 5 awesome design ideas for an upcoming release. We want your input! So this weekend specifically, send us an idea through the contact form OR leave a comment on this post with your design request! The team will pick 5 ideas from this weekend and previous requests and turn them into awesome upcoming designs. Remember, designs that will be popular for everyone (instead of a design specifically just for your pug named Sparky) are more likely to be chosen.

What are you waiting for? Leave your idea below in the comments, and you could get your dream design.

P.S.: Though we’ll be looking at comments from over the weekend, our request line is always open through that contact form. Send us a great idea anytime!

6 Stitchy Ways To Refresh Your Decor


It’s a new year … time for a fresh start!

Give your home a lift with chic and unique designs from the Fresh Start Sale! These designs are perfect for throw pillows, blankets, curtains, wall art, and lots more home decor. Want a couple of ideas on how to freshen up your space with embroidery? Try these 6 easy ideas you can try this weekend…


Get organized in style with a fabric-covered bulletin board.


Stitch a felt bowl to catch odds and ends near the door.


Stretch fabric on a frame to turn your favorite designs into wall art.


Layer and collage embroidery to make a postcard pillow.


Brighten up your space with a pretty patchwork throw from this pattern.


Light up your life with a lampshade covered with pretty embroidery.

Every design pictured on these easy ideas is on sale, along with MANY others — just $1.49 for each machine embroidery design, and only $0.50 for the hand embroidery versions.  Sale ends Sunday, Feb. 2 at 11:59 p.m., Central time — so go pick out your favorite designs, and make your nest the best it’s ever been!