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UT Tutorial – Happy Cactus Pincushion


Unlike some of our other pincushion designs, this little guy doesn’t mind his pins and needles one bit! Yup, this prickly plush can only earn his spikes by helping you out in the sewing room. Stitch him up all in the hoop, and then for extra fun, stick him in a mini pot with some stones so he can liven up your desk with plush greenery year round.

Want to make your own? Grab your little cactus design here, and then check out this tutorial on how to make him!

Tutorial – Embroidered Pillow With Real Headphones


You know what’s cuter than an adorable embroidered headphone pillow? One with real headphones inside! Yup, that chic embroidery is hiding an even cooler secret… you can use this pillow to listen to music, podcasts and audio books while lying down. Want to know how? Get the tutorial on how to stitch the headphones into a pillow here, and then get the quick embroidered pillow cover tutorial here, all over on Look What I Made! 

UT Tutorial – No Sew Script Scarf

Don't feel like sewing something inside out and backwards today? Skip the sewing and make this chic no-sew scarf that lets you use your own handwriting and personalized embroidery to beautiful effect!

Don’t feel like sewing something inside out and backwards today? Skip the sewing and make this chic no-sew scarf that lets you use your own handwriting and personalized embroidery to beautiful effect. Yup, that’s not a fabric pattern, that cool effect is made with just a simple gel bleach pen!

Don't feel like sewing something inside out and backwards today? Skip the sewing and make this chic no-sew scarf that lets you use your own handwriting and personalized embroidery to beautiful effect!

It’s the the perfect thing to take you from winter into spring, and this project is also great for crafty beginners with no sewing required. Customize your scarf with a favorite poem, love letter, or mantra, and stitch a matching embroidery design to suit your theme. Easy and quick gift!

Want to make your own? Get the tutorial here.

New Collection & Tutorial – Blackthorn


Delicate yet dramatic. Bold and pretty. Bring your apparel to life with this fresh new collection that’s both dark and dainty all at the same time.  Inspired by lace motifs but with a twist of thistles and thorns in place of traditional floral motifs, they’re light-stitching enough to work well on a variety of fabrics, and created in versatile shapes to work as neckline accents, shoulder splashes, hem and waistline embellishments, and lots more. Best of all, these designs are of course on SALE for a limited time!

This embroidery collection was specifically designed with shapes and stitches that complement the shape of clothes. Stitch them directly onto fabric, or if you really want to bring out the delicate “lace” look, float them on a sheer fabric like organza and use it to upcycle old clothes like in this tutorial.


Most of these pieces were made for easy mirroring and interlocking repeating to use them on a grander scale, even with a smaller hoop.

blackthorn 27

Delicate shapes in dark motifs sit lightly on fabrics but bring beautiful dimension. They even make fantastic lace sleeve accents!


Get even more use out of your hoop with these two amazing interlocking designs. Great to use on their own, they fit beautifully together, and with a little repetition and mirroring, you have a giant statement piece you can stitch with just a few hoopings!

blackthorn 26

Grab these designs ON SALE now through Sunday, Feb. 24 at 11:59 p.m, and start scheming about all the different ways you can use them to add a dark and delicate lacy motifs to all those plain boring clothes hiding in the back of your closet!

UT Valentine’s Tutorials

Valentines Day is fast approaching (less than a week now!) and now is the moment all us crafty folk go into a bit of a panic trying to think of something sweet and quick to whip up for that special someone, or to make our night out a little more magical. Fear not, we have some quick tutorials you can create in an afternoon that are sure to do the trick!


Short on supplies? All you need to make this cute pillow is to dig into your fabric stash and pull out all your favorite scraps. Patch it all together and add some one color embroidery for a stunning lace effect. Get the tutorial here.


This week’s new tutorial is great if you’re looking for a crafty way to glam up your evening. Dress up a plain headband with this gorgeous piece of machined lace and a few crystals and you have an accessory to suit any look. Get the tutorial here.

Want more ways to cuddle up? Craft up this romantic Parisian postcard-inspired pillow! Layer up light stitching designs for a look that’s rustic and divine. See how here.

Want to know if your sweetheart digs you? Rock it grade school style with this retro “do you like me” card. Give it to your honey and let them stitch back their answer for a super sweet handmade memento you can keep! Learn to make it here.


Finally, for those not into Valentine’s Day this year, you can always go to the dark side and make this adorable yet slightly disgruntled vampire bunny plush. He’ll keep you company on Valentines Day! Get a free template and learn how to make your furry friend here.

Happy Valentines (or Un-valentines) Day! There’s no better time to make something by hand 🙂

Tutorial – Embroidered Paper Tea Cup


Looking for something sweet to hold a gift on Valentines, or maybe just give on its own? Next to Nicx has a template and easy tutorial on how to make this great little gift. Fill it with chocolates and you have the perfect embroidered valentines surprise!

Get the tutorial here

UT Tutorial – Plush Dragon Hot Pack


Looking for a cute way to warm up this winter? Well, when we posted this creative project by UT stitcher Tanja on facebook, everyone went nuts wanting a tutorial. Lucky for all of us, Tanja is awesome! She created an easy to follow tutorial on how to make and embroider your dragon, and even included a template for a fox version too!

Check it all out here.