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UT Tutorial – Kawaii Critters


After releasing those Kawaii faces last week, there really was only one thing to be done with them…

Make SQUEE worthy Kawaii Plushie friends! There’s a free pdf pattern included, and I promise even with basic sewing skills these cute little critters are easy to put together. Want to make one? Get the tutorial here!

UT Tutorial – Tiny Plush Unicorn



Seriously, Fridays are better with Unicorns. All things are better with unicorns! Want to make your own little unicorn? You can, in THREE sizes right here! These little guys are made all in the hoop, and they’re a breeze to make. They’re so easy in fact, that why stop with one?


A billion fluffy unicorns! Hellz yeah. That’s one way to brighten up a Friday. Ready to dive in? Get the tutorial here.

Tutorial – DIY Embroidered Sunglasses


Remember that post I did that covered the amazing embroidered sunglasses from Ulyana Sergeenko’s Couture 2013 collection? I guess those embroidered glasses have captured the interest of the crafty world, because I’ve  seen them pop up now and then over the last few weeks. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to DIY them.

That’s right, honestlywtf has a tutorial all about how to make your own embroidered glasses! Check it out. And I hope you have a steady drill hand…

New Motorcycle Inspired Collection – Lucky 7


It’s a classic: big, bold embroidery on the back of a motorcycle jacket. Craft your own twist on tough and timeless themes with the new Lucky 7 collection, ON SALE for a limited time!

Inspired by motorcycle and tattoo designs, this collection was created with the ability to layer multiple designs together to create flexible arrangements and big bold designs! You can stitch each design on it’s own or combine them in your own custom arrangements.

For example, take these three designs on their own…




And layer and rotate them into this punk masterpiece! Perfect for gals and the always-hard-to-stitch-for guys, these designs can make endless embroidered showcase pieces!



Stitch them on the back of jackets or hoodies, or use the lighter designs on tees and tanks. If you’re looking to add some serious attitude to your favorite gear, look no further than the Lucky 7 Collection.


leather 20

Loving the look that inspired it? Embroidered motorcycle jackets are a classic. Well, learn how to get around the pain and complication of stitching on leather and patch on your own motorcycle design onto a thrifted leather jacket. Create your own look and rock it like you ride it. Get the tutorial on how to make your own jacket here!

Loving these designs? Grab them ON SALE for a limited time and get your gear on ;)

Tutorial – Luck On My Side Embroidered Tee


Design*Sponge has a pretty cute tutorial up today that’s perfect for those looking to jump into embroidery. It shows you some simple back stitch techniques and provides two pretty “Luck” templates for you to stitch so you’ll always have Luck on your side! How punny ;)

Get the template and the tutorial here!


UT Tutorial – Happy Cactus Pincushion


Unlike some of our other pincushion designs, this little guy doesn’t mind his pins and needles one bit! Yup, this prickly plush can only earn his spikes by helping you out in the sewing room. Stitch him up all in the hoop, and then for extra fun, stick him in a mini pot with some stones so he can liven up your desk with plush greenery year round.

Want to make your own? Grab your little cactus design here, and then check out this tutorial on how to make him!

Tutorial – Embroidered Pillow With Real Headphones


You know what’s cuter than an adorable embroidered headphone pillow? One with real headphones inside! Yup, that chic embroidery is hiding an even cooler secret… you can use this pillow to listen to music, podcasts and audio books while lying down. Want to know how? Get the tutorial on how to stitch the headphones into a pillow here, and then get the quick embroidered pillow cover tutorial here, all over on Look What I Made!