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Get The Look – Ralph Lauren Embroidered Jungle Jacket


I love it when grunge and elegance mix it up in the fashion world, and this jacket is a prime example. This $140 Ralph Lauren embroidered item is sadly sold out, but at that price tag, I’m guessing we can come up with a better solution anyway. After all, thrift stores and ebay are just filled to the brim with these kinds of olive green army jackets, so getting your hands on one for relatively cheap shouldn’t be too hard. What makes this jacket unique is all that gorgeous tone on tone henna inspired embroidery, and gee, we just happen to have something very like that in our Mendhika design pack!

jacketThe key to replicating this amazing jacket is really lots and lots of embroidery. It’s going to mean ripping up a lot of seams to get your embroidery where you want it, but in the end, turning a salvation army jacket into a $140 fashion item is well worth the time. There are lots of ways you can use the Mendhika pack to recreate this design, but here’s what I would recommend…


To get the embroidery on the sleeves, split the seam up the side about 12 inches or so to be able to spread and hoop the sleeve flat. I would recommend the Mendhika border repeated once on each sleeve. To get the big bold splash of embroidery around the waist, try repeating and overlaying the Mendhika Swirl design. Embroidering this middle part of the jacket should be relatively easy, though you may wish to open up the lining if your jacket has any.

For the top shoulders, you can mix it up a bit, but I liked the Mendhika Lotus on one shoulder and a large version of the Medallion on the other. Put it all together, and what do you get?


A super sexy thrifted jacket fit for a jungle queen! Tone on tone is always a chic way to go when replicating high fashion designs. Really, the more embroidery you add the closer it will be to the original jacket. Tear off pockets, embroider them, and stitch them back on. You’ll certainly have a jacket like no other.


So there it is. From an unobtainable $140 jacket to a super chic custom creation, a little grunge mixed with some elegant embroidery gets you looking runway ready in no time!

Get The Look – ROAR Distressed Embroidered Men’s Shirt


We’ve got a new edition of our “Get the Look” series, and this one is all about the fellas! I feel like sometimes they get a little neglected in the embroidery industry. So today, we have this slick distressed embroidered men’s shirt with contrasting detail from ROAR. I’m loving the slightly tribal and light stitching look of this piece. How to get something similar? Easy!


First, find yourself (or your fella) a similarly fit button down. Take a look at some of the colors already offered on the shirt. This can often be a great place to start in choosing colors. For instance, the deep reddish buttons on this piece inspired the color of the designs, which helps make the whole thing look more cohesive when you stitch it.

To get the look of the previous tribal-y cross-inspired design, you can combine the Lucky 7 Cross with the lighter stitching Tribal Swirl. These designs are perfect for layering, not unlike we did in this tutorial using the same Lucky 7 Collection.


Using a similar placement, open the shirt and hoop up the upper left shoulder. Stitch two mirrored tribal pieces first, then finish it off with the cross design on top. A little bolder, and a little less light stitching than the original, but still doable on a men’s shirt that’s not too light. Worried it’s too dense? Try a smaller version of the cross or go with an applique version. Either way you’ll still get a similar look.


Easy! From a thrift store find to a hip new shirt for him, all it takes are some light stitches and so special hooping techniques. Just remember to keep your colors in harmony with the colors already present on the shirt, and it will look like it came off the rack just like that!

Get The Look – Versace Embroidered Jeans


I’m starting to notice a trend here. Gold embroidery is very hot right now. Glittery stitches on dark backgrounds seem to be where it’s at, like with these $2,150 embroidered Versace jeans from over at Moda Operandi. Very chic, but wowza what a price tag!


The embroidery is bold and the scrolling shapes are perfectly suited to add that extra dash of glam to these rocker jeans. So how can you get inspired by this look for a lot less? Well, you just need to be brave enough to rip open a pair of jeans at the inside seam, that’s all…


You see, the new blackthorn designs would be perfect for this. Elegant and light stitching, the similar swirling shapes would look lovely cascading down a pair of jeans, especially of course, the Blackthorn Cascade design. In this instance, bigger means bolder, so those of you lucky enough to have a big hoop can make an equally large statement.

Start with a pair of slim fitting black jeans, and split them open at the inside seam, so you can lay a large part of the upper leg flat. I’d recommend placing your design towards the front of the leg, as trying to embroider over the heavy side seam may not make you and your machine good friends. Use a gold colored or metallic gold thread to sew out the design, and then mirror and repeat on the other side.


Stitch your inside seam back up, and you’re done! A plain pair of jeans get a glam update that’s easy to do as long as you’re handy with a seam ripper. Don’t want to go as bold? Try a tone-on-tone look that’s classy but a little more subdued.

If you want, add some gold studs to the bottom of your jeans and rock it with a pair of killer heels. You’re ready for a night out!

Get The Look – Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Handbag


I spotted this Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Handbag awhile back while I was out shopping, and I had to admit it was tempting, even though I’m not usually much of a purse gal. The embroidery really looked lux against the black velour, and I thought it was a really classy look. Lucky for us, this combination is easy to get yourself!


All you need is a black velour bag of your own. I spotted this one on ebay for $16. There are lots of great vintage handbags you can get online in all kinds of cute colors, or you can sew up one yourself! Then, just stitch a pretty crest design all in white, like this Unicorn Rampant design.

To make absolute sure lighter parts of your design don’t get lost in the soft fabric, you may want to top it with a light water soluble stabilizer you can tear away once your design is done stitching. Grab a cute matching charm and you’ve got a classy new purse!

velour purse_DIY

The inspiration of gorgeous all-white embroidery on a soft velour bag is all you need to dive into making a fabulous DIY custom version. Try this with all kinds of designs. Sometimes making your embroidery design all one color can really transform it into something chic and new!

Get The Look – Mango Beaded Shoulders Top

This little beaded number is certainly more affordable than our last fashion inspiration, but with an original price of $80 for this Mango Beaded Top, we can still get something gorgeous and similar with a little DIY ingenuity, even if it’s a touch more thread than beads.

So, how do you get the sophisticated look of this embellished shoulder top? Easy…

Start with a plain black tee. Try and find a softer cotton so that it drapes nicely like the original tee. Cut up both sides of your shirt, starting at the side seams and going all the way up the bottom of the sleeves. This will let you open your tee flat and easily hoop the sleeves.

Layer a light and airy piece like this Delicate design on top of itself in golden metallic threads. A lighter stitching design like this one will let you layer without much problem. Drape the design all across the shoulder and sleeve.

When your embroidery is finished, stitch the sides of your tee closed again, and then cut a lower, wider loop out of the collar for a more flattering neckline. You may find yourself trimming some of your embroidery. That’s ok! Fold the raw edge of that seam under and re-sew the raw edge. If you like, you can even hand stitch some small gold bead accents to your embroidery for an added touch of glimmer.

From a plain black tee to a glamorous top for a night out, all it takes are a few snips and some embroidery. Looking great is easy and affordable when you’re crafty!

Get The Look – Ralph Lauren Embroidered Motorcycle Jacket

This Ralph Lauren embroidered motorcycle jacket is certainly lust-worthy, with it’s hardcore yet elegant look all in one, however, the $6,000 price tag is a little less appealing. Yikes! There are lots of ways you can get this look for a fraction of the price…

First, find yourself a nice thrift store or ebay leather jacket. Many acceptable ones can be had for only $20-30, and cheaper, vegan alternatives are even easier to embroider on.

Next, grab some of your favorite designs from the Mendhika collection. These elegant and airy designs are similar to the pretty ones on Ralph Lauren, but don’t have the heavy stitch count that can sometimes spell trouble on leather. Try swapping in a leather needle on your machine (and check out this tutorial for leather stitching tips) and pick some beautiful, golden thread colors. Embroidery is easy to add to the back and front with minimal hassle, and if you’re brave enough to split the seam on a sleeve, you can add it to the shoulders too.

Finally, finish off your newly embroidered jacket with some beautiful gold vintage buttons, replacing the silver studs where you can.

Done and done. And thankfully, we are light years away from a $6000 price tag. Thrifty & crafty to the rescue!

Get The Look – Anthropologie Flyaway Embroidered Dress

Love the look of boutique clothes, but not the price tag? Don’t stress! A crafty fashionista knows she can get the same looks for less, by making them herself. In this new series, we’ll show you how to get similar styles out of thrift store or homemade goods, and some creative embroidery.

Today’s look? This cute little embroidered number from Anthropologie.

Get the look your way with just a simple thrifted skirt, some black lace edging from the fabric store, and this cool Baroque Punk swallow design. You could even try a few celtic knotwork designs in black to really match the look.

Repeat your swallow embroidery around the skirt, and then just stitch on the lace trim.

Done! You’ve got a chic look for less with the power of your machine.