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Get The Look – Lucky Ombre Embroidery Tee

Replicate the look of this pretty spring ombre tee with just simple lace and fabric paint!

Spring is right around the corner (I hope I hope I hope… stupid Minnesota) and I’ve started feeling like my winter wardrobe is super drab. Greys were my color all winter long but now I’m dreaming of light tees in bright colors, like this super pretty ombre tee from Lucky Brand. I found it on pinterest, but after a quick search around the appears to sadly be only one in existence on amazon, at least when I typed this there was.

Never fret, this tee is actually super easy to replicate! I’ll show you how…


First what you need is a plain white tee and some white lace embroidery accents. This example uses these new lace neckline applique designs, but actually you can applique on any kind of freestanding lace or even use this technique with cutwork! The important part is whatever design you use, you stitch in white cotton, because that’s whats going to let us perfectly blend our lace in with our ombre.

You can either hand stitch the lace on like applique like we did in this tutorial, or stitch it directly on to the shirt. Either works!


Next, get some of that awesome soft fabric paint. You can find this stuff in most fabric and craft stores, and it comes in tons of colors. Make sure you get the soft fabric paint, this is the kind that will sink into your fabric like dye, instead of sit on top like a screenprint. Lightly spray the top of your tee and the lace, getting lighter in your application as you go down.


The paint will perfectly dye both your tee and your lace together, so the ombre will blend seamlessly. Easy!

Replicate the look of this pretty spring ombre tee with just simple lace and fabric paint!

From a plain white tee to a springy fashion statement, it’s easy to get the look of the original tee with simple supplies. Plus this way you can choose a t-shirt style that suits you, and pick whatever color for the ombre you like. As long as you use a cotton tee and white cotton thread for your lace, it will all blend and dye beautifully.

Happy spring!

Get The Look – Emilio Pucci Wool Coat

Get The Look of this chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

This Emilio Pucci coat was about $2,200, but it has already sold out. Yikes! You have to admit it’s pretty, but it’s not a price tag many of us can grab at. However, there is a DIY alternative that’s much more easily in the budget this year…

There is a very similar coat still available over at Forever 21 for about 50 bucks, and a quick search on ebay reveals quite a few more like it for reasonable prices. Really all you’re looking for with this DIY is a nicely- shaped olive trench coat. You can even update the buttons if the ones on the coat you find aren’t nice and shiny like these.

What you need is the coat… and some awesome embroidery.

Get The Look of a chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

Let’s start with the shoulders. We’re only using two different embroidery designs, but they’ll be used multiple times, all in black. The embroidery you need is the elegant Cameo Mori and the Gather Ye Rosebuds design. The cameo in this case is stitched without it’s colored fill backing, to keep it just a little bit lighter and within our tone-on-tone look.

Get The Look of a chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

Mirror your two rose designs and position them so they slightly overlap, like shown. Then the Cameo Mori (without it’s fill background, remember) is positioned on top, just barley touching the roses. This combined design is stitched all in black on the shoulder of the coat. If you’re curious about how to open seams and stitch on sleeves, check out this tutorial. Repeat this combined design on the other side.

What’s nice is that even thought this combined design is a bit denser than what we would usually put on apparel, the thick wool will hold up your stitches beautifully.

Get The Look of a chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

Next, we’ll add a little more of those roses. Stitching the design by itself, position it so just a little bit of the roses and thorns peeks out from behind your lapel. Repeat this on the other side. If you’re lucky, hooping this part should be easy, and may only require opening up the lining a little bit.

Get The Look of a chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

And suddenly, your trench is transformed into something glamorous and new! Sturdy enough to take you from the end of winter into a cool spring, a regular wool coat goes from military to chic with elegant and dark embroidery additions.

Get The Look of this chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

Plus you saved yourself, oh about $2,150. If that’s not a steal I don’t know what is!


psst… a little worried about opening up seams, and stitching on felt? There’s an easy design hack!

Stitch your design on black or similar colored organza as your coat. You can then applique it on to your coat without messing with hooping or opening up seams. You can see how we stitched similar heavy tone-on-tone designs on organza in this tutorial, and how we appliqued organza onto garments in this tutorial

Get The Look of a chic Emilio Pucci Wool Coat for hundreds of dollars less than the price tag by DIYing it with embroidery.

You can see above an example of how it would look with organza underneath, and you can still applique it on with chic contrasting shapes that just add to the overall look. It’s an easy way to get nearly the exact same result with a lot less of the hassle, and without risking that pretty coat!

Get The Look – Constellation Cardigan

Get inspired by that trendy Constellation cardigan from Anthropologie and then see how easy it is to DIY an even better one!

This trendy Kites and Constellations Cardigan was $118 at Anthropologie, but even at that price it seems to have sold out. That didn’t stop this sweater from inspiring a lot of DIY versions though. The simplicity of the cardigan makes it an excellent place to pull inspiration from. However, I think with the right designs and the right cardigan, we can make something even more simple and chic than the original.

Get inspired by that trendy Constellation cardigan from Anthropologie and then see how easy it is to DIY an even better one!

It can start rather simply with a blue cardigan. Any cardigan can work. You can do the classic boyfriend style that Anthropologie went with, but I spotted this drape style cardigan off ebay for only $13 and liked it even better. It doesn’t matter what style you pick, as long as it can hold up to some light embroidery.

That embroidery of course is going to be all the little star designs available from the Ecliptic Constellations design pack. These come in lots of different sizes and are individually stitched, with means it’s easy to place them anywhere you need to create constellations. Want to see how to hoop teeny star designs? We did it on this scarf pretty easily.

Get inspired by that trendy Constellation cardigan from Anthropologie and then see how easy it is to DIY an even better one!

Mark on your cardigan where you need all your starts to be, and stitch and hoop them one by one. It may sound a little daunting, but actually these designs stitch so fast you’ll be done before you know it. After all, we’ve stitched dozens of stars like this on a project before. For now, don’t fret about the constellation lines. Those come next. Also, I think it’s kind of fun to sprinkle a few random stars about the place, to give the whole sweater a heavenly feel. That’s optional though, you could just stick with the constellations.

Psstt… you know what else would look chic on this sweater? One of those pretty constellation designs right on the back! Choose your sign to make this cardigan truly your own.

Get inspired by that trendy Constellation cardigan from Anthropologie and then see how easy it is to DIY an even better one!

Now, here’s the point that can be done two ways. If you want the chunky, retro style stitching like the original sweater, you best bet is to go old school with your embroidery. Yup… grab some white floss and get stitching by hand! It’s a very very simple stitch, you just need to connect the lines of your stars with a few big stitches.

Don’t feel like embroidering by hand? You can stitch a line by machine. Try using cotton thread for a thicker effect, and stitch over your line a few times to make sure it shows up. Take care on stretchy sweaters not to bunch it up.

Get inspired by that trendy Constellation cardigan from Anthropologie and then see how easy it is to DIY an even better one!

So, there you have it. It’s a slightly updated look, but if you like the retro appeal of the original sweater, you can always find a cardigan like that. In fact, I bet thrift stores are full of them! Just sprinkle on a few stars, stitch in some embroidery thread, and you have a sweater inspired by the heavens. It’s a lot less than if you could have bought it even when it was available, and this way, you get to pick your own sweater, your own constellations. Wrap up against the chilly winter sky with a starry sky of your own!

Get The Look – Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Embroidered Lapel Jacket

You have to admit, this Dolce & Gabbana piece is a pretty snazzy looking jacket, but for an eye watering $3,152 it’s not a look a lot of us are going to get to rock this fall. Still, this men’s embroidered blazer is a great jumping off point for inspiration, for lads and ladies alike. In fact, I imagine it’s the ladies that are more likely to go for a look like this, so let’s see how we could re-create this style for either gender easily, and on a budget!

It’s pretty simple really. All you need is a snazzy grey blazer with lapels large enough to embroider. A quick search on ebay brings up dozens for under 20 bucks, for men and women alike. This example is a lady’s jacket, because I could totally see myself trying this look out. After the jacket, all you need is Gather Ye Rosebuds design, and some metallic or coppery colored thread. Depending on the size of your blazer, I’d recommend the 5×7 size of the design.

Fold your lapels away from your jacket, secure them onto your stabilizer, hoop, and stitch away! You’ll want to mirror your rose design for the other collar. Un-hoop, trim away the excess stabilizer so it’s hidden by the collar, and shazam! A brilliant new blazer for about $3130 less. That’s a pretty good deal right there, no?

Lapels on jackets are always a cool place to add some embroidery bling. A classy dimensional one-color piece will keep your accent subtle and still let it make a real wow statement when you wear it out. So, guys or gals, you looking for a hot new look this fall? Up-cycle a thrift store blazer into something extra chic.

Get The Look – Ralph Lauren Embroidered Jungle Jacket


I love it when grunge and elegance mix it up in the fashion world, and this jacket is a prime example. This $140 Ralph Lauren embroidered item is sadly sold out, but at that price tag, I’m guessing we can come up with a better solution anyway. After all, thrift stores and ebay are just filled to the brim with these kinds of olive green army jackets, so getting your hands on one for relatively cheap shouldn’t be too hard. What makes this jacket unique is all that gorgeous tone on tone henna inspired embroidery, and gee, we just happen to have something very like that in our Mendhika design pack!

jacketThe key to replicating this amazing jacket is really lots and lots of embroidery. It’s going to mean ripping up a lot of seams to get your embroidery where you want it, but in the end, turning a salvation army jacket into a $140 fashion item is well worth the time. There are lots of ways you can use the Mendhika pack to recreate this design, but here’s what I would recommend…


To get the embroidery on the sleeves, split the seam up the side about 12 inches or so to be able to spread and hoop the sleeve flat. I would recommend the Mendhika border repeated once on each sleeve. To get the big bold splash of embroidery around the waist, try repeating and overlaying the Mendhika Swirl design. Embroidering this middle part of the jacket should be relatively easy, though you may wish to open up the lining if your jacket has any.

For the top shoulders, you can mix it up a bit, but I liked the Mendhika Lotus on one shoulder and a large version of the Medallion on the other. Put it all together, and what do you get?


A super sexy thrifted jacket fit for a jungle queen! Tone on tone is always a chic way to go when replicating high fashion designs. Really, the more embroidery you add the closer it will be to the original jacket. Tear off pockets, embroider them, and stitch them back on. You’ll certainly have a jacket like no other.


So there it is. From an unobtainable $140 jacket to a super chic custom creation, a little grunge mixed with some elegant embroidery gets you looking runway ready in no time!

Get The Look – ROAR Distressed Embroidered Men’s Shirt


We’ve got a new edition of our “Get the Look” series, and this one is all about the fellas! I feel like sometimes they get a little neglected in the embroidery industry. So today, we have this slick distressed embroidered men’s shirt with contrasting detail from ROAR. I’m loving the slightly tribal and light stitching look of this piece. How to get something similar? Easy!


First, find yourself (or your fella) a similarly fit button down. Take a look at some of the colors already offered on the shirt. This can often be a great place to start in choosing colors. For instance, the deep reddish buttons on this piece inspired the color of the designs, which helps make the whole thing look more cohesive when you stitch it.

To get the look of the previous tribal-y cross-inspired design, you can combine the Lucky 7 Cross with the lighter stitching Tribal Swirl. These designs are perfect for layering, not unlike we did in this tutorial using the same Lucky 7 Collection.


Using a similar placement, open the shirt and hoop up the upper left shoulder. Stitch two mirrored tribal pieces first, then finish it off with the cross design on top. A little bolder, and a little less light stitching than the original, but still doable on a men’s shirt that’s not too light. Worried it’s too dense? Try a smaller version of the cross or go with an applique version. Either way you’ll still get a similar look.


Easy! From a thrift store find to a hip new shirt for him, all it takes are some light stitches and so special hooping techniques. Just remember to keep your colors in harmony with the colors already present on the shirt, and it will look like it came off the rack just like that!

Get The Look – Versace Embroidered Jeans


I’m starting to notice a trend here. Gold embroidery is very hot right now. Glittery stitches on dark backgrounds seem to be where it’s at, like with these $2,150 embroidered Versace jeans from over at Moda Operandi. Very chic, but wowza what a price tag!


The embroidery is bold and the scrolling shapes are perfectly suited to add that extra dash of glam to these rocker jeans. So how can you get inspired by this look for a lot less? Well, you just need to be brave enough to rip open a pair of jeans at the inside seam, that’s all…


You see, the new blackthorn designs would be perfect for this. Elegant and light stitching, the similar swirling shapes would look lovely cascading down a pair of jeans, especially of course, the Blackthorn Cascade design. In this instance, bigger means bolder, so those of you lucky enough to have a big hoop can make an equally large statement.

Start with a pair of slim fitting black jeans, and split them open at the inside seam, so you can lay a large part of the upper leg flat. I’d recommend placing your design towards the front of the leg, as trying to embroider over the heavy side seam may not make you and your machine good friends. Use a gold colored or metallic gold thread to sew out the design, and then mirror and repeat on the other side.


Stitch your inside seam back up, and you’re done! A plain pair of jeans get a glam update that’s easy to do as long as you’re handy with a seam ripper. Don’t want to go as bold? Try a tone-on-tone look that’s classy but a little more subdued.

If you want, add some gold studs to the bottom of your jeans and rock it with a pair of killer heels. You’re ready for a night out!