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Make Something

Go make something

Pinterest is amazing, but eventually you have to actually try MAKING the darn things, right? Go do it.

Never Enough

One is never enough

The good news is, unlike cookies, they can be enjoyed again and again. It’s probably best cookies can’t do that.

A Day Well Spent

Never a wasted day

No matter how many times you cussed at your project, it’s still a day well spent.



When you can thread the needle while the machine’s still running, you’ve probably had enough though.

Before It Was Cool

Crafty before crafty was cool...

Yup, you’re like the hipster of the crafting world. It’s cool, we all know we were stitching skulls on things long before it made it onto Pinterest.

Fit In

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Happy Halloween in July everyone. Forget the norm. Make it Halloween every day!

Just Because It’s Handmade


If you’re not a crafter and you get something handmade, don’t assume they were too cheap to buy you something. Sometimes, that gift took money AND time. They must really like you. Act accordingly.