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Color Inspirations – Arctic White

It’s been freezing here in Minnesota, and another 4 inches of snow dumped on our office during the morning. Instead of grumbling about looking out the window and seeing all white, why not harness it as inspiration? Use the seasons to inspire a new color scheme for your designs!

These designs got updated with an all white, tone-on-tone color scheme. Click each image to visit the design and see the original color scheme.

Arctic Winter

Arctic Sparrow

feb 052

This color inspiration works best with designs that have a lot of stitched dimension. In fact, try it out on any of our designs from the dimensional category.

Don’t let winter get you down… use the beauty of the snow covered world to bring a simple elegance to your designs!

6 Stitchy Ways To Refresh Your Decor


It’s a new year … time for a fresh start!

Give your home a lift with chic and unique designs from the Fresh Start Sale! These designs are perfect for throw pillows, blankets, curtains, wall art, and lots more home decor. Want a couple of ideas on how to freshen up your space with embroidery? Try these 6 easy ideas you can try this weekend…


Get organized in style with a fabric-covered bulletin board.


Stitch a felt bowl to catch odds and ends near the door.


Stretch fabric on a frame to turn your favorite designs into wall art.


Layer and collage embroidery to make a postcard pillow.


Brighten up your space with a pretty patchwork throw from this pattern.


Light up your life with a lampshade covered with pretty embroidery.

Every design pictured on these easy ideas is on sale, along with MANY others – just $1.49 for each machine embroidery design, and only $0.50 for the hand embroidery versions.  Sale ends Sunday, Feb. 2 at 11:59 p.m., Central time — so go pick out your favorite designs, and make your nest the best it’s ever been!

Color Inspirations – Rustic Lavender


Design tip: Use a gorgeous photo to inspire a new color scheme for your designs. This design got a Rustic Lavender update. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

5 Crafty Ways To Keep Up New Year’s Resolutions


Get fit with a new workout tee!


Get organized with easy no-sew wall pockets.

Repair those clothes that have been sitting in the closet.


Upcycle the ones that can’t be saved into something cooler to save money.

Finally, keep those kids (or yourself) motivated on household chores with a helpful monster.

2014 is going to rock. Are you ready to make it your craftiest year ever? Get stitching!

How to Make Your Tree the Steampunkiest in the Land


Want to know how to steampunk up your Christmas tree, using just your embroidery machine? Urban Threads steampunk lace designs! There are lots of different lace pieces you can stitch out on your own, as many times as you like, to create a totally steam-tastic tree. What do you need? Well, try out:

- Tiny lace top hat for a tree topper!

- A couple hot air balloon ornament covers to your regular ornaments

- A few layered clockwork gearflakes

- Some 3D lace steampunk snowflakes

- Some 2D lace snowflakes

- Finally, sprinkle in some tiny lace keys, and you’re done!

So, if you haven’t gotten around to perfecting your steam-powered tree, that awesome machine you have tucked away in your sewing room can help. Plus, you can make all these ornaments yourself.

Happy crafting this holiday season!


Embroidering Internet Cats On Shirts


At the request of her son, artist Hiroko Kubota started embroidering popular internet cats on his shirts. The results are quite adorable, and not surprisingly went viral after she posted them. What beautiful stitches! My only question… where’s Grumpy Cat?

See more over on Colossal.

The 2013 Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery

If you’ve never seen it before, celebrated embroidery studio Hand & Lock holds a contest every year to find the best and brightest in new embroidery designers for fashion. The contest used to be just for students but in recent years has grown to include open entries, and the results are always stunning. They’ve announced the top prize winners for 2013, pictured below, but really all the entries are worth a look…


First Prize in the Open Category was  Beata Kania, with this fierce black dress.



First Prize in the Student Category was Claire Morris, with this amazing metallic top piece that almost looks like futuristic armor.


All the other entries are really stunning too. The detail that goes into these creations is incredible…








Visit Hand & Locks website for even more images of entries and shots from the award show itself. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.